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Friday, June 10, 2011

Christie Koester - Graphic Designer

What? Christie does other things besides write?
Enter in Graphic Designer

Most people know me as Christie Koester, writer. Yes, writing is my passion, however, I do enjoy learning computer software programs and playing around with photos, graphics, colors, etc. I do like to design. After all, I'm a graphic designer by day. I didn't really go to school for it, but somehow design keeps falling into every position I've been in. Could be my personality or my willingness to take bright orange and paint our walls of our home without any reservations...and lime green, hot pink, yellow, etc.

Let's just say I'm a color person and I'm not afraid to use it. Black and white doesn't work well with me, and I'll give whatever project I'm asked to do back with enough pizazz to make your eyes pop. Ha!

I bet you can only imagine what our wedding was like? With that said...I'm giving you a peek into the fun stuff I did for our special day!

Maybe I was patiently waiting to have my 'fairytale' moment where I was finally able to plan my very own wedding. And maybe I'm a bit like my main character, Ella, in my book (Wanted: Groom for my $100K Wedding), but hear me out...I really couldn't help myself! Ha! Weddings make me smile. They make me giddy and happy and full of joy. I'm a dreamer and a huge sucker for love.

I went all out and made everything from our programs to invites to our super special wedding album to menus to table numbers to thank you cards. You name it, I designed it. Below are some of my examples! Enjoy!

A few pages from our photo album (I designed in InDesign CS3 and printed through

I do!!!

I frickin' LOVE love!!!

We had the best wedding party ever!!!!!!


Our fun wedding program (every job I've worked at, I've been in charge of the newsletters, so I had to work that into the design...yes, it was 8 pages. He, he.)
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!!

Our 'Thank You' cards to all those who helped make our wedding possible. I made a couple. One for the wedding party and one for the musicians and church staff!!

These "Thank You" cards contained some of our engagement photos

Thank you to flower lady! LOVED our bright flowers!!

Thank you for all our friends in our wedding party!

Okay, so there's a lot more *giggle* but I think you get the idea!!! Now you have a taste of my love for weddings:)

My question to you... Was there a wedding you've been to that has blown you away? Do share!!!