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Monday, October 13, 2014

Fun with the Koesters in Photos

Well, we're winding down here to the final couple/few weeks.

Still trying to keep up with my lil man and big man! Having loads of fun. Yesterday, I sat on the park bench watching Karl and Jackson play and laugh. The sun was out. The leaves were changing. We're all pretty healthy (for the most part). It was the MOST perfect day. I felt so grateful and lucky and thankful. I kept saying prayers of gratitude over and over in my head. Life is SO wonderful.

A boy and his trucks!

My crush :) 

Enjoying the last "warm" days of fall! Look at those baby browns.

Had a moment to read outside! LOVE THIS BOOK!

This is how the baby sits. ALWAYS. 

These two melt my heart. 

Hay ride at the apple orchard. My two twins!

Family photo!

Double trouble

Great apple picker!

He LOVES his tractors!

Hi, mom!!!!

Testing the water!

Pure joy!

Karl getting into it!


Sample dinner plate for Jackson!

Jackson is going to get a lot of books from his new brother or sister. I'm pretty excited about this one!


He finds all the cool stuff in the house!

My sis in law's baby shower! 

So cute!

good eats!

6 weeks apart! Neither of us know what we're having!

Karl made pumpkin pancakes. SO GOOD!

Jackson is in this train phase. He did this with all our picture frames yesterday.

The pump. Oh man... Here we go again. 

Karl made THE BEST apple bread!! THE BEST. 

Two car seats in! GULP!

Still pumping out the workouts!

Me at the gym!

My awesome new shirt for being a health coach! I LOVE IT!

Still nesting. Donating a bunch of Karl's old stained shirts!

I don't shop much these days....only for groceries. But had to pick this one up!

A delicious salad!

Took Jackson in to get a mole looked at. He crawled right up on the table. 

He thought he was finally getting his teeth cleaned. Better get him in for this some time soon!

Friday fun! Took a nice long walk!

Stopped to be silly!

I love this little boy. LOVE HIM.

Scooping up leaves with dad!

Checking out the ducks!

Uncle Mike came to visit. Jackson gets pretty excited to see him!

Took Uncle Mike to the orchard and for a tractor ride!

Story time with dad! Reading one of dad's old books.

The trees are BEAUTIFUL this year!

Feeding the ducks Karl's apple bread!

At the park!

Running through piles of leaves!

What's up?

The only time he gets McDonald's....

And again...McDonald's!

This kid is my WORLD!!!!!
Until next time!!!! Maybe we'll be a family of four:) :)