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Sunday, August 19, 2012

4 Months Old

Jackson is 4 months old this week!!!
18 weeks (posting a week late)

Jackson at 4 months old
So crazy how fast time flies. We are enjoying our little boy so much! He is SUCH a joy to be around. It was nearly impossible for me to get a good shot of Jackson holding his sign up. He is a mover and shaker right now and I know it's only going to get crazier!

Weekly Milestones for Jackson:

We heard Jackson laugh for the first time. Karl and I were headed for a walk and the stroller wouldn't fit between both cars in the garage. Karl accidentally let "this is horse sh*t" slip from his mouth and Jackson totally busted out laughing. That was so fun to hear. It put both of us in a great mood. The next time he laughed was when Karl wrapped Jackson up like a ninja. I had the camera all ready to video tape and then just as THE BEST giggle came out, the media card was full. Go figure. But it was THE BEST SOUND ever!!!!

Jackson is rolling around and moving like nobody's business. We set him on his back in the crib and he'll flip over on his belly. He LOVES sleeping on his belly with his butt in the air. When I hear him cry out during the night, I'll run in and check on him and he either has a leg through the railing of his crib or his head shoved up against the railings. Poor thing! He moves so much.


He is also scratching the surface of things with his hands - his jungle gym mat, the bed spread in his crib, his clothes. It's fun to watch.
Cutest lil' guy in dad's hat!

He went from 4.5 ounces a feeding at homecare to 5 ounces. He is a growing boy!!! Of course I freaked a little bit about pumping enough at work but it seems I’m keeping steady at 17-20 ounces a day. As long as I’m pumping more than he's eating, I should be fine. We're going to ask the doctor if we should introduce a little rice cereal to help keep him satisfied longer. He's moving so much - I'm sure he's burning through calories like nobody's business.
He loves chewing on his three fingers. And I'm always checking for my hair wrapped around them since it seems to be falling out a lot.
Yummy fingers

He's playing a ton with his toys and studying them and sticking them in his mouth. Every week he seems to discover more about the world around him. I love that.  Uncle Mike went to the 2012 London Olympics and brought Jackson back a fun toy! Jackson likes it a lot. Mom might have destroyed the hair when she accidentally put it in the dryer... that picture to come later.
Uncle Mike brought back a souvenir from the 2012 London Olympics

I brought him in the bathroom with me to wash my hands and he caught himself in the mirror and smiled so big. It was the cutest thing ever.
Drunk on milk!

Karl gave Jackson a bottle when I was at volleyball and he wanted to help Karl hold it. Love this.
Father and son bonding!