What I Design

Kind of funny but when I was searching for colleges while in high school, all I cared about was volleyball. Volleyball. Was. My. Life! It was all I knew. I remember asking my dad what he thought I was good at as I was filling out the applications and he said "speaking in front of people and writing."

So the major "Speech Communications" seemed to work for me. Check.

From there, I realized I could easily ace the classes where I had to either stand up in front of class and give a speech (thanks to my parents for making me read scripture in front of church all the time) or write a paper. So perhaps I picked the right major. However, one thing I never had to do a lot of was designing, until I picked up an unpaid Internship my junior year at UW-Whitewater. And I loved it.
A brochure I designed

I loved learning the computer software. I loved the challenge of trying to see a project through. I loved making boring things look really cool. And that love carried over into my career. My first job out of college was at a church. I couldn’t just do bulletins. I was hungry for more and more. I had to make things look better. I needed to get my hands in everything. Soon I was coming up with idea after idea.

I love designing our calendars every year

That determination took off but I realized I did all I could at the church and needed to move on to grow even more. Soon at my next job I was able to take a series of design classes where I learned Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Illustrator. Totally sweet! And my next job after that led me to learn all about web design.
I had to highlight our trip to South Africa and sent in all our Christmas Cards

Christie Koester's design projects

Designing another new website for my company for 2012

My uncle asked me to design a website for his new invention. I said sure!

I asked my company if I could build an Intranet. So I did!

Website I built for myself and my book

My company's website launched in 2008 - built in 6 months