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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Am I 6 weeks or 7?

week 6 or 7 (February 27, 2014)

I am freezing!!! This weather is madness. Another TWO more weeks of this Polar Vortex. No more, please!!!! My commute in for a whole week has been well over an hour – the roads are so icy!

Anyway, we’ve survived a horrible week of illness. Jackson came home with pneumonia and his first ear infection and had to get on his first round of antibiotics. I’ve been trying to avoid medication but this little man was SICK SICK SICK. He even looked awful. Poor buddy. He was pretty bad for five solid days. It was not fun. Then Karl ended up getting it and then my dad and then Karl’s dad. Whoa. The illness wiped out Jackson’s daycare AND my work. What a nasty bug.
Me at 6 or 7 weeks. Not sure!

I kept praying it wouldn’t hit me, though I actually wanted it versus Jackson. I just knew I had to stay healthy for baby. I have been downing SO MUCH WATER. And I’ve been eating kale and lots of oranges and mangoes and kiwi and berries. I avoided sugar completely. Yes, I know there is fructose in fruit, but it’s the natural kind. The thing is, I’m wondering if this is helping me avoid morning sickness??? I’ve actually felt pretty good.

This also makes me nervous. Everything OK down there???

My symptoms during week seven:

  • HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. I’ll even eat two helpings during dinner and I’m hungry 20 minutes later. When I let myself get too hungry, I start to feel ill. Time to fatten up.
  • I wake up lightheaded and weak most mornings so I shovel down a handful of peanuts before I get out of bed. It’s WORKING!
  • Lightheaded
  • Frequent urination. I’m going maybe 3-5 times during the night.
  • Will get random headaches here and there
  •  Some days I get very exhausted. Friday I sat on the couch and fell asleep during Jackson’s nap. Sunday I laid down when Jackson did and slept for almost two hours. I’m also going to bed around 9:30 and getting up around 5:50.
  • After I eat lunch, my stomach feels nauseous and usually when I’m cooking dinner I am so hungry my stomach burns and then turns nauseous.
  •  I can’t form sentences or think of words very well. I’ve had 5 people ask me so far if I’m pregnant.
  • I’m clumsy. Very. I’m dropping things all the time!
  • Oh, and I have BAAAD heartburn. BAD. I never had this with Jackson. But I had this starting week 3. Painful enough that I wake up in the middle of the night. OUCH! 

There you have it. Oh, we close tomorrow on the house. So yeah, a LOT is going on at once. But that is my life. It’s who I am. I’m getting really good at saying my motto: “Let Go. Let God”. Everything is in God’s hands now. It is. Some things I can control, but a lot of things I can’t. Life is a lot simpler when I just give everything to God.