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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Wave of Yuck - Month 2

written August 23, 2011
6 weeks

"I just need to go back to bed for a few minutes."

At least that's what I kept telling myself this morning as I tried focusing on Fox 9 News and the carbonated lime infused water I sipped.

My head started pounding at 3 a.m., about the same time an insane crazy thunderstorm hit. Around 3:30 I went downstairs and popped two Tylenol and ate a few crackers. I couldn't take the headache and knew I had to go into work so I had to do what I had to do. At 4:30 I didn't feel much different but I was finally able to fall asleep until my dreaded alarm went off at 6:00.

I practically crawled to the shower and felt like a total zombie. I was too hot so I turned the shower to freezing cold. Then my mouth tasted soapy. My head and eyes felt extremely heavy. My stomach felt like it was loaded with acid. And more than anything I wanted to dive back into bed with Karl. Instead I marched downstairs and tried to talk myself into breakfast. No dice. Everything sounded gross. So I stared at the TV again and argued with the voices in my head.

Finally I decided to go back up to bed. I just need another hour of sleep and I will be fine, I thought. So I did. The sleep actually worked, even though half the time I was freaking about how late I'd be for work. (BTW, I don't think pregnant woman should have to worry about stuff like this. We can't control all the hormones ragging inside us.) I woke up an hour later but this time felt like a worse-off zombie than before.

I thought back to the night before. I did play four games of volleyball - and they weren't the easiest of games. There were a couple times I didn't dive or didn't chase after a ball, but my heart rate went up and I was sweating. Could volleyball be the culprit? Thankfully yesterday was the championship volleyball game (we took second) and the season is done...well...until fall league. Fall league will start up at the end of September and we only play for an hour, so that shouldn't be that bad. Right? My team might hate me.

Cravings: I'm not sure when these are supposed to start but I find myself dreaming about food while at work, a lot.

1. Culver's Butter Burgers (I know....say what?). The crazy thing is Karl "loves" going to Culver's because they screw up our order every time. Some how we always get something we never asked for. I asked for the "single" Butter Burger and Karl asked for the exact same thing. We were very careful how we explained our order. We sat down in the chair and got the double. Goofy. But it totally hit the spot!!!
2. Izze.  All natural organic carbonated water. It has to be the carbonation, right? I love the feel of bubbles hitting my sour stomach. I love this drink. It's the closest I can find to Clearly Canadian. And it isn't loaded with fake sugar crap.

3. Mendota Sparkling Water (lime and lemon). Besides totally wanting carbonated everything, I'm also craving lemons and limes like nobody's business. I always have had a thing for sour things though. I could eat them whole but I don't think my teeth would like that.

4. Meat.
Tonight Karl and I will be going to Woolley's Steakhouse (Embassy Suites) where all the magic happened on August 22, 2009 - our wedding day! And yes, I will be ordering a steak!!!! I'm totally craving a steak right now.

And as I finish writing this, I feel much better. Ahhh. Thank God!