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Monday, February 3, 2014

Go Time - Round II

Back at it
Hello. Hello. So back to trying for Baby #2. I decided to take the “let’s-not-freak-out-this-time-around-and-just-go-with-it” approach. Totally better. Ahhh. Jealous of you people who are wired this way from the get go.

Instead, I decided to put my ‘psycho self’ into house projects like 'Purging 101'. Right now the entire man cave basement is packed with of garbage bags full of stuff we no longer need or use. It’s pretty crazy. All I could think about is shipping it over to Peru to the families I visited over there who have NOTHING but one mattress for 5 kids. Ugh. (They are totally happy though.) And here I am with 10 yellow shirts. Hello. Not anymore. I am down to TWO white shirts. NO yellow. And well, who cares. Honestly, “stuff” does NOT make one happier in the end. I think it suffocates, actually.  

Side note: Think of how much money we could have saved if we didn’t buy this stuff...  

The more Karl and I look at houses, the more I realize I LOVE the houses with zero to NO clutter. And I’m going to get our house there. It’s just tough because we have NO storage. But it’s OK. I’m figuring out a system. Every time, I ask myself…. “Hello, object. Do I want to move you when it comes to moving time? Are you worth it to me? Have I’ve gotten much use out of you?”

Most of the time the answer is “NO”.

I have container basket things shipping to us this week! And Jackson has made homes out of all the Rubbermaids. Super fun. It is VERY challenging trying to keep him busy and in ONE room so I can supervise all the while cleaning and purging. It’s almost impossible. BUT, I’m trying to tell myself “baby steps”. Sooner than later I’ll get to a point where I’ll take a deep breath and know I did the best I could and be very happy with the results. We’re making some people over at Lupus very happy…and the VETS. We’re having TWO trucks come by… We don’t want to scare the neighbors with our hoard.

Oh, and I’m bringing stuff IN. My awesome friend Jenna hooked us UP with baby clothes!!! She has three kids – two girls and one boy. She found a bunch of girls' clothes tucked in the back of her storage only her first born wore because she didn’t realize she had tucked it away. I don’t think we’ll find out what we’re having again, so I’ll just have to hang on to these! Thanks Jenna! What a gem!!!
Look at all these AWESOME baby clothes!!!!!! JENNA RULES!!!

I separated them all out and washed all the neutral clothes and put them together for baby #2 and am setting all the pink stuff aside just in case. Remember… I’m in “chill” mode. Whatever happens….happens!

I’m having a lot of fun looking at houses. I think Karl might be too. It is exhausting and we’d never be able to do as well if Karl’s parents didn’t watch Jackson. We found two more that we LOVE. The first one really stole our hearts. The minute we walked in I thought it felt homey. We just wish there were a few minor upgrades, but maybe we can do those things down the road. Would not need to do immediately. We just need to sit down and think about finances. That’s not always fun, but it’s healthy. I feel like I’m cleaning out my entire body lately just by getting organized. So strange. I feel lighter. Have I mentioned that before?

So that’s where we are at. We’ll see what a week will bring. Maybe our lives will change forever once again. Again, not thinking about it. Not one bit. Did I mention I had a dream we had twins? Ok…enough for now. Shush.