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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dr. Oz's Cancer-Fighting Recipe

Chicken, whole wheat pasta cancer-fighting dish
serves 6
Dr. Oz's dish
My parents came up this weekend and stayed for a couple days so they could watch Jackson while we went to a wedding and then headed back to work. When I came home on Tuesday night, my dad was working on a recipe he saw on TV from Dr. Oz. He said that Dr. Oz said to eat this dish once a week and it'll prevent those cancer cells from multiplying.
It's a cold dish and REALLY good. The reason it's cold is so the nutrients don't get zapped! And it's garlicky, but delicious. GREAT for lunch too! Seems pretty easy to make.
1 – 28 oz can Italian Plum Tomatoes (organic is best)
4 – Tbs Virgin Olive Oil
1 – Tsp Red Pepper Flakes
2 – Tbs Capers (drained)
3 – Mashed cloves garlic or 1 clove chopped up fine
2 – Tbs Fresh Basil Leaves chopped up
12 - chopped up Kalamata Black Olives or 12 regular Black Olives
2 – 5oz cans of Albacore or Regular Tuna in water (drained) (can use shrimp or chicken too!)
1 – box 12/16 oz Whole Wheat Angel hair noodles or whatever you like
Chop garlic, Basil leaves and olives and put on side.
My dad also added mushrooms!

In large bowl mix Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Red Pepper Flakes. If Tomatoes are whole use mash potato utensil to smash up.

Mix in Capers, garlic, Basil, olives and drained tuna.

Mix and let stand.

Start Pasta. When done Put a pasta serving on plate and spoon on your sauce over pasta. Pasta will warm sauce up some.

Mix up and garnish with Parmesan Cheese

Enjoy with glass of white wine

You can substitute chicken or shrimp for the tuna.
Karl's opinion: "Whoa Gary!!! This is good. Say what!? It's cold??? If you didn't tell me it was going to be cold ahead of time, you would have blown my mind! It's really good though. I could have this seven days a week."
My take: Yum! Garlic city, but delicious!!! I like the chicken a lot.