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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gaining Weight - 11 Weeks

11 Weeks (April 3, 2014)

I’m worried I’m getting too chubby. I know. Shut up. What is wrong with me? I’m housing a baby. Enjoy! Enjoy! I know I’ll lose it.

Me at 11 weeks! Bathroom at work:) 

I honestly know deep down it’s because I haven’t been able to get those good sweat sessions in that I need to keep my head on straight and I’m desperate for those feel-good endorphins. I mean, my blood pressure is usually like 89/62 and it’s sitting at 120/68. STILL healthy range, but eesh!


I am eating SO much. I know baby needs nutrients and I was definitely on the tiny end when I became pregnant. It’s just…I am craving SALT so much and I’m eating more than I normally would because I am HUNGRY all the time. With that, I feel bloated and so mushy. And I can’t find it in me to workout. I’m SO tired!!!! I’m only up a few pounds from when I found out I was pregnant, but if I keep this up, I’m going to be in serious trouble. I eat so much it hurts.


Typical Day
  • A HUGE glass of water
  • Two scrambled eggs with some cheese
  • Nitrate free uncured Canadian bacon (2 slices) chopped up in eggs
  • Sometimes I'll throw in chopped up avocado
  • Karl's healthy pancakes (2 small). They are healthy because he grinds up almonds, oats, quinoa, fava beans, etc. etc. They are SO crazy good. We freeze them and then pop them in microwave!
  • 1/2 a grapefruit or some kind of fruit - strawberries or blackberries
  • Sometimes I'll even add one of those Pillsbury Boston Creame toaster things. ohhh...sooo good.  

  • More water
  • I sip a little coffee. It doesn't taste the greatest so I switch between that and hot water, lemon and honey. That tastes WAY better. But coffee wakes me up a little better. 

SNACK (this is when I'm starving)
  • CHUG more water
  • Might have a Greek yogurt with some fruit
  • Then a banana
  • Then an apple
  • Then a couple pieces of dark chocolate
  • A few pieces of my Grain Fall (natural bite size soft squares from Costco)
  • Still hungry.... Dreaming of devouring my lunch.... 

  • More water!
  • HUGE amount of leftovers from dinner OR I'll go out and eat like an entire Go Naked bowl from Qdoba or get a sandwich (toasted), and a salad AND soup and eat it all. Oh, and chips too....  Yesterday I had THE biggest bowl of chili and TWO corn breads. YIKES!!!!

  • Sometimes I'll sneak chips out of the pantry while I'm cooking....
  • I make whatever is easiest right now. I'm TRYING to get fish in there. I'm TRYING to get healthier options, but like last night I made enchiladas. I topped with avocados though! Right not I'm too tired to spend a ton of time cooking. I guess I feel guilty. 
  • Like tonight, I think I'm going with tuna melts and soup. DONE. 

  • Might have ice cream...
  • Might have an orange...
  • Might have a small bowl of cereal...
  • Might have a handful of sweetarts or Jelly Beans... 
  • And then I take all my prenatal vitamins!

I did work out twice last week (huge for me!) and when I did, I wanted to crawl into bed afterwards. I was exhausted. And I only did stair stepper. No weights. I NEED weights. I’m losing ALL definition. It’s still a bit crappy out to walk or run and it’s like I’m so unmotivated to do anything active. This is terrible.

Yes, I'm whining. 

I know once I hit second trimester I will feel a little more like myself and this is good. I need this!!!! Sometimes feeling better hits at 12 weeks and sometimes it hits at 14. I think with Jackson I was feeling pretty good around 12 weeks and by week 14, I was good to go. Just going batty over here with the weather (supposed to get up to 12 inches tonight into tomorrow! Nooooooooooooooo!).

I NEED warmer weather. I NEED the sun on my face and fresh air in my lungs. I NEED sweat pouring down my face and my heart beating through my chest.

We also heard from our current renters. They asked if they could rent from us ONE more month because their new house won’t be ready until mid-June. It’s not like we’re itching to get out of our town home (OK, well, a little), and it’ll be more money for us. Maybe I can persuade Karl that I really DO need BRAND NEW appliancesJ

I’m indifferent about it. I could go either way. I REALLY wanted that garden though this summer and fall. BUT, part of me thinks I could take a Saturday and just go over there and DO it - get it started and planted and I bet the family would respect that. I think there are sprinklers built in, so it’d get watered…. AND part of me thinks we could start moving things to the garage at least so moving day won’t be so overwhelming. AND this gives me more time to go through our town home and label things for certain rooms and go through everything again and do another purge. Especially when I'm feeling more like ME and have ENERGY again. Hmmmmmm.

So yeah, that’s all what’s going on in my head. We called our grandparents last night and shared the happy news about baby #2, which was SUPER FUN. I LOVE how excited they all were. Made me all giddy. I also shared ultrasound images with my uncles and aunts and my cousin, Holly!

I’ve been working at letting things go and giving them to God. I really enjoy praying every night with Jackson before he goes down for bed. This really helps me a lot. Just talking to God is a HUGE reminder that it's not all about me. And talking to him really makes me appreciate what we have been blessed with. I thank HIM all the time for what we have. I have to TRUST that God will take my worries and create opportunities all around us. I continue to ask for wisdom in making the best decisions for all of us with God’s help! I feel like a lighter person this way…even with all I’ve been eating! :)