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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jackson is 8 Months Old (really 8.5 months)

Jackson is really 8.5 Months old now!!
He's growing SO fast.
I'm a big boy!!! I'm almost 9 months old!

As you can tell, it gets a bit harder to find a whole lot of extra time to blog because Jackson is on the MOVE. And when he's napping, I'm trying to get through a list of stuff that needs to be done around the house. Here's the latest...

Smooches all around!

Went from belly to sitting up. Karl and I both looked at each other like...wait, did he just sit up on his own?

Jackson pushes himself up and pulls on things to try and stand (he officially pulls himself up non-stop in his crib so we now lowered the mattress).
Just a tiny bit cute...

Had a temperature of 101.4. on Christmas Eve. Whoa. Talk about a rough few days. Short cat naps and super crabby and warm. Not sure what was going. He refused to eat solids and would get really upset with anything we did. It was a LONG few days. He ended up getting a pretty bad cough and runny nose, but now is feeling more like himself.
Did you check out my sweet ride?

Has tried kiwi, celery, broccoli and peaches for the first time. He also has tried stickers, paper and cardboard too. He likes to swallow these in one gulp. He is fast.
I'm bad ass

Still teething, but no more teeth to show for it (I'm OK with this because I can't imagine getting bit by those sharpies!). We can't really feel those top teeth coming through but when he gets tired, I don't know if his teeth start to hurt because he'll face-plant into anything hard...the floor, his toys. Not sure I get that...

Mmmm, feels good!

As he explores around the house, we notice he loves these things:

  • The little dooly thing (door stopper?) attached to the bottom of doors.
  • The broom
  • The Swiffer broom
  • Stairs (he goes up two flights in just a few minutes. And he loves doing it over and over and over again.)
  • Cords
  • Our blinds in the kitchen
  • Looking under every single rug
  • Shutting doors and swinging them open
  • Pulling himself up on our coffee table
  • Pulling himself up on the couches
  • Pulling himself up in his crib
  • Pulling himself up onto his swing and then leaping into it head first (we'll probably be taking this down soon)
  • Hanging off his mobile in his crib (yes, like a monkey)
  • Pulling himself up on EVERYTHING 
  • Playing with our plants and all the dirt... oh boy
  • Loves slapping his hands on the floor in the kitchen or playing with our watering cans...or plastic containers.
What's under there?
Love making noise around here!
Crawling is my favorite thing to do!

He can't get enough of this stuff. And trust me, we're not letting him play in the dirt or do most of these things, but he is exploring. We are on our toes all the time.

Now when he plays in his round-a-bout, he leans really far back like Joe Cool or else he hangs out of it, so we're not sure how much longer he'll be able to play in this.
Did someone say box?
Love these things!!
I will concur you soon!
Ah-ha! I will show you, box!!
Yeah, who's got you now, box?

Jackson has been saying "ohhhh" a ton. We haven't really heard any other words just yet, but we'll see what that first word is going to be sooner than later! He is trying to say "uh-oh" and "yeah" but those words still come out, "ohhh" but with a little more inflection. He's getting there.

In his 8.5 month existence, Jackson has slept through the entire night maybe twice? As in 12 hours straight... Otherwise he's usually up anytime between 1:30-4:30. We're getting there... Right? I feel like my body is used to it, until I'm up with him a couple times during the night. When that happens, I'm TIRED. But it's usually a 15 minute feed and then he's out again.

He's a lot of fun and super cute. He crawls over to me and climbs up my legs so I pick him up. Sometimes he'll put his face super close and give me a wet kiss out of nowhere. Or else we rub our noses together and he laughs. He is just the cutest little guy ever. Warms my heart.