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Friday, April 5, 2013

First Easter and Haircut - 11.5 Months Old

Are you out there spring?

I have always LOVED Easter. This year, a titch on the cold side. Is spring EVER coming?? Longest winter ever.
Happy Easter, Jackson!

Anyway, this was Jackon's first Easter. I went to Kohl's because I had a 30% off coupon, thinking I'd pick Jackson up a cute outfit for church. I held up an adorable $40 suit, but could not justify buying it. It wasn't even on sale. Sure I had my coupon but I like to use it on sale items. I figured he'd be wearing a polo or I'd have to get creative with what was in his closet. $40 for an outfit he won't wear more than once... No.

That was until I went and got my oil changed on Saturday morning. It was cold and rainy but I still ran outside from the dealership to the mall to run a few errands. Yes, I was the crazy lady running with a purse slung over her back and lotion still on her face (didn't realize until I got home. Awesome.) I learned two things: 1. The mall doesn't open until 10:00. It was only 9:00. 2. There are a lot of families that get really dressed up to see the Easter bunny. The line was wrapped. I quickly asked myself... Am I supposed to be waiting in line with Jackson right now? I thought back to my childhood. I turned out OK and I saw the Easter bunny only once in my lifetime (thus far). Be nice to yourself, Christie.
Teething. Got his eighth tooth a couple days before Easter
I hear these eggs have money in them...

Sears was the only store opened. And guess what? Their Easter outfits were on MEGA SALE!!! So I picked up Jackson an adorable outfit for under $15!! SCORE! And he's going to wear it again for our church directory pics this Saturday.

We went to church and it was a wonderful service. I love our church. LOVE. I know I haven't been there as much as I'd like this year, but every time I walk in, I feel like I'm at home. From the music to the people, I just LOVE IT. Jackson was on the go, so I did have to step out a few times, but it was just nice to be there. I can't tell you what the message was, but I was just happy we FINALLY made it. Karl's parents came and same with my brother.
Team Orange at church

After church, we headed to the Koester's house. It was a wonderful Easter with great company and delicious food. Grandma Judy has been cutting hair most of her life and we decided to have her trim Jackson's hair. He was pretty tired (i.e. fussy) so she only was able to trim one side. The rest she got on Tuesday. Jackson looks like a little boy now to me!
Getting my first haircut

We all anxiously await warmer weather. I'm so excited to take Jackson to all the parks around our house and go biking with him, and all sorts of fun stuff. After work on Thursday, it was 52 degrees out so we hit up the "pink" park by our place and Jackson LOVED the swings. He could be outside all day long and not have a problem with it.
Look, ladies! No more mullet.

Here's to hoping warmer weather comes soon!
Big boy on the swings sporting my new hair-did

This is way too cool


Jackson's Monthly Milestones - 11.5 Months

Action Jackson Update

A lot has been going on with Jackson during month 11. Wowweee. I feel like he's growing leaps and bounds before our eyes.

Here's the latest in no particular order:

Jackson is a boy. Boys are on the move and are fearless CONSTANTLY. Jackson has already sliced the skin off his nose and gave himself a big fat lip. He is constantly hitting his head on something. It is one thing after another.
First fat lip... OUCH!
There's a way I can get that string down, right?

I'm on top of the world!

Tuckerd out!

And there will be more because....

Jackson is WALKING!!!

He took a few steps last week but yesterday at daycare he got up and went. I brought him home and sure enough, he walked around the entire TV room. I couldn't even believe it. He throws his hands up and goes. It is amazing. He smiles the entire time. I am so crazy proud of him. So yeah, things are about to hit a whole new level of crazy.
Loves opening and closing our windows
Mmmm. Fresh air.

Jackson is back to liking bananas! I know this because I set them on the floor and he bit through the skin. I peeled the banana and he went to town. He loves them.

He seems to call everything "da-da" but will try and say "puppy" the best he can. HE LOVES PUPPIES. LOVES. And monkeys. And cars.

BUT Jackson has a love affair with the Swiffer. The minute the pantry is open, he is there trying to pull the Swiffer down.
J loves the Swiffer and will help clean floors
I love you Swiffer!

I'm weaning... I'm down to one pump a day while at work as of this week. Next week I might keep the one pump but instead of 15 minutes, do 5 and then stop that pump all together the following week. This will bring us to a full year of nursing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I DID IT. I DID IT. I knew I could. I KNEW it but I knew it would take a LOT of work, determination and selflessness on my part. And some resentment in there. If only men could nurse...
Someone else likes my pump parts...
Grandma Judy puts me in old-man sweaters...
We now have eight teeth. Eight. All have met my nipple. Ouch.

It seems we're losing Jackson's morning nap. I noticed daycare would put him down in the afternoon only and he'd give them a solid 2-3 hour nap. I tried putting him down this morning. He laid down but then was up. So now I think I know why they are doing what they are doing. He's just not going down. Buh-bye morning nap.
Opens ALL our cabinets now. We stuck his new bike helmet in this one. Tricky!

He slept the whole night through once this week!!! YESSSS. 11 nights of ROUGH sleep and FINALLY...ONE AWESOME night. I hope it continues...

Jackson loves this talking stuffed animal my mom got me for V-day several years ago. Leo talks to Jackson and J will just smile and laugh.
Jackson's friend Leonardo. They talk to each other.
Jackson loves when Leo wags his tail

If I lay down on the floor, Jackson will find a way to come crawl to me and roll all over me. It's way too cute.
I love mommy!

Rolling around

Jackson has been great about keeping himself busy. To the point where he doesn't need me hovering over him as much. This I love. We had a blast together this whole week.
Don't worry about me mom back here. I'm not being naughty...

He ate a TON for dinner last night. Chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, applesauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, more mashed potatoes, cheerios, those dried fruit things. He just kept going. Clean tray club. Growing boy!!