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Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm 34, Now What?

I’m 34 now. Yowza.
When did that happen? Wasn’t I just 24? Where did the last ten years go?? Kenny Chesney is on to something with his song, Don’t Blink. Thankfully I've had toothpicks in my eyes this past year due to all the sleep I didn't get. Not a whole lot of blinking going on here.

Anyway, another year older means time to set some resolutions. I know this is more of a New Year thing but I like to do it around my birthday to keep myself in check and reaching for the stars! Some of my goals sound more like dreams, but dreams are GOOD to have. They keep us going.
Being silly at 34...

Here is what I’d like to happen before I hit 35 (in no particular order).

1.       Run in a Road Race as a Family
That means YOU Karl. Sorry, beb. Time to lace up those runners and push the diabetic grandpa shoes aside. (Yes, he has these. No, he’s not diabetic. Yes, I let him leave the house wearing these. No, he wouldn’t stop wearing them even if I told him to.) I want to sign up for some kind of race together as a family. It could be a 5K or 10K, whatever. I think it’d be fun. I used to do them all the time. I miss them.  They motivate me to keep going and push myself…and the energy these races radiate is so contagious. Plus, I think Jackson would like staring at all the runners and the doggies. My dear friend Jenna asked me to do the TC Marathon this year. Am I ready for that? No. The old Christie would have been like, SURE! Sign me up! The new Christie knows there is no time for proper training. And trust me, I NEED training. Running up and down our stairs with laundry baskets isn’t going to cut it.
Out running any chance we get!

2.       Start looking for a house (and maybe buy one)
I bought my (now our) town home when I was 23. I adore it, but I want Jackson to grow up in a house with a yard. I want a garden, and apple tree…a deck or porch with a fire pit. But a house means more expenses and more time dedicated to the upkeep,...and where is that going to come from. A lot needs to happen before we move anywhere, but just the THOUGHT of looking excites me. On the way home from the grocery store, I took a different way home and came across the most beautiful neighborhood. By golly, I found our dream home while I was at it. Not for sale, but enough where I swear the heavens said, “You will be living here someday.”  BOOM.
The dream house I came across...

3.       Travel someplace new
Karl and I have always been huge travelers and we haven’t gotten out much these days. I’m the one to blame here since I can’t imagine leaving Jackson longer than an 8-hour work day, but I know it’d be good for the both of us. And it has to happen sometime. I get excited thinking about traveling somewhere with my main squeeze. I have no idea where. I'm kind of thinking anywhere with a soft bed at this point. Ahhhh...sleeeep.

4.       Spend more time on strength training
One thing I noticed after having Jackson was my muscle tone when south. I can do all the cardio in the world and eat healthy, but my butt still sags, my arms even have some dimples in them. Say wha? I need to devote more time to strength training a few times a week. Problem is: time is so tight these days. I read a quote that resonated with me though. "We ALL have 24 hours in a day - some are just better at utilizing those hours." True. True. So I’ve been ripping pages out of magazines and I need to start DOING the exercises. I also want to start getting up earlier so I can start my morning off right, but Jackson seems to keep getting up earlier and earlier. Hello 5:00 a.m. What gives? AND, just when I think I’m well rested, J starts getting up throughout the night. Mama needs her sleep to function at work and at home, so sleep wins. Always. At least I eat healthy….

5.       Write a new book
You all know my dream is to become a published author and write for the rest of my life. I wrote my first book, and well, I'm guessing you haven't seen my book at Barnes and Noble yet? Yeah, me neither. 
I had so many great bites and suggestions from agents, but then April 2012 hit and life really got busy so I wasn’t able to give those changes my all. So it sits. The question is: Do I go back and revise the book I’ve already written? Then do I send it out again? Do I self publish? OR do I set that book aside for now and start over with a new book? I’ve also been told a few times by agents that I should take my first novel and turn it into a screenplay. I can see that. I’ve been thinking of that more too. But I have a new storyline for a book brewing and I want to run with it. I do know how much work is involved and that intimates me. And then there is the dilemma of branching to Young Adult or even Middle Grade. I have story ideas for both of those genres.
I guess I can say I’m just glad that the fire is back and I WANT to do this again.

6.       Add to the family...MAYBE
Now, before you read TOO much into this. I have a whole entire year ahead of me to think about this. Right now, I’m happy where things are at so there isn’t any rush. Last year kicked my a$$. Never saw that one coming. UFDAH.
But yes, I know I become high risk the minute I turn 35 and I'm not getting any younger. But this is why I’m adamant about eating healthy and my fitness. I think these two things combined helps… Well, I hope it helps. We’ll see. When the time is right, it’ll all happen. For now, I’ll enjoy our family of three!
What keeps you dreaming?