Monday, May 19, 2014

Month in Review - 25 Months

We Love Spring!

Besides Jackson turning 2 and getting our place ready for renters and moving and being pregnant, we are still fitting in time for fun!

Here's what we have been up to in no particular order!

We also had conferences with Jackson's daycare teachers. They said he's doing incredible. The only thing that he doesn't know yet is how to pedal a trike, but that will come! Otherwise, they were blown away with his potty training - he is now STANDING to pee. It's the CUTEST thing EVER. And they say he is by far the FASTEST kid in class and he never ever stops going. EVER. That's our Jackson!

Checking out the construction zone right down the street. This was pretty awesome in Jackson's eyes.

Looks a bit like daddy here...

Birthday party at Choo Choo Bob's!

Jackson was more excited about the cars that had doors that opened. Yes, we left with one! (Don't worry, I bought it)

Enjoying Pizza at Preston's 2nd bday! The last time I had Pizza Hut MAY have been in college....shhhhh.

Goofing around

Tonsil check. Yep. Still there. 

Loving the swing

My sweetheart

Moving project: Cleaning out a closet. Someone found all the winter stuff!

Look mom! I put it on myself!

What up? What up?

We really have to pack this away too?

Mark, Tot and Kacey stopped by for a visit and to celebrate Jackson's 2nd bday. He's been working on his golf swing ever since! And saying ADT! ADT! (Articulated Dump Truck). Thanks Uncle Mark!

Lots of running going on!

A MOMENT of lying still. ONLY A MOMENT.

LOVES his wagon from Papa and Grandma Cindy.

Almost looks like a REAL drink, eh? I made it myself. No alcohol. And quite tasty. Too bad Jackson wanted most of it.

My SWEET Mother's Day gift from Jackson's daycare. A very sweet poem on the other side too. 

Loves to be in control of his wagon! "No, mom! Jackson do it!" 

My Mother's Day treat! A wagon ride!!

Front row to a sweet Forklift show!

EXCAVATOR!!!!! Jackson was in PURE heaven. I LOVE how he says "EX-cavato"

The big shovel and its TEETH. Yes, we have a book on dump trucks, bulldozers, trains and garbage trucks. His favorite pages are the ones with "EX-cavatos" in them.

All he wanted was to get in the door!

My sweet boys!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this little man and this photo of us and our slanty Powalish eyes!

Morel mushroom hunting with dad. Jackson LOVED being in the woods.

Came back empty handed but still precious as ever!

Hey mom! I'm up in a tree! Look, no hands!

Welp, until next time! We might be in a new home the next time I post. WHOA!!!! Change is SOOO scary, but so good. I'm honestly just going with it all because there is SO much happening at once. Trusting God here! Wish us luck!


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