Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day Fun! - 14 months

Celebrating Father's Day

OK, getting back on track here with the blog. Father's Day. A GREAT weekend. The weather was ridiculous. As in AWESOME.
Daddy and Jackson. Buddies for life.

Dad is my hero...

My parents came up Friday. I know, you're probably wondering what are they doing up again!?!? Karl's dad has been going through a few surgeries on his knee and is unable to watch Jackson, so my parents have been coming up lots to help. Five hours up and five hours back. PHEW. We owe them a LOT! Karl's sis has been helping us out a lot too. We owe her too!!! We'd be kind of screwed without family up here.

If this doesn't just melt your heart... Pa-Pa and Jackson

We are keeping my parents BUSY! My mom even fell asleep when I was talking to her! That's how exhausted they are by the end of day... It's rough getting old!

Ahhh. Just copying daddy.

On Friday Jackson and I walked over to the liquor store where I had him pick out six craft beers for his dad. I knew Karl would LOVE this gift, and especially because the beers were hand picked by his son. We also strolled over to Wal-mart where Jackson hand picked his daddy's card. It was either between the one with pancakes on it or fishies. We got home and I hid the goods in our closet. But I made sure Jackson signed the card...and then my leg.

ANYWAY, I baked a rhubarb cake, which turned out delicious to kick off Father's Day early. My parents brought up our favorite pizza from Roscoe - Pietro's. YUM!!!

Saturday Karl and my dad went to Crate and Barrel where Karl bought a bunch of fancy drink glasses - you know what I'm talking about - the fancy square ones and special beer ones and all kinds of cool glasses. He was in heaven. Then he bought a bunch of containers from the Container Store for all the flours he buys to make his specialty pancakes on the weekends. He even made my mom gluten-free pancakes!

My mom and I went SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know...Happy Father's Day to US!!! It's been a LONG LONG LONG time since my mom and I went shopping. So long that my favorite store had moved out of Southdale over a year and a half ago!!!!!!! OMG. So embarrassed. BUT, that meant we HAD to hit up the Mall of America:) YAY! I finally own a pair of those red hot pants!
Looking for Morel Mushrooms with dad!

Sunday - the REAL Father's Day. We went on a walk, hit up the park, played with a bucket of water on the deck....took a trike ride. I went running. My brother had us over for steak spinach salads. Then we met Karl's family for dinner at Woolley's - our favorite place!! They had a deal - 50% off all steaks and FREE craft beer if you're a dad!! SCORE!
The Three Stooges

What did you do for Father's Day?


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