Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Going to the Park in Minnesota - 13.5 Months

We’ve been busy over here at The Koester household. All good fun though. See below:)

Park Fun!
So as Jackson’s mom, my goal is to introduce Jackson to lots of parks for as long as I can. Karl says Jackson will be burned out on them by the time he is five. Hey, they are free. And FUN. They are fun for me too :). I do push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges...all kind of fun things.

There are tons of parks all over. Another reason I love Minnesota. Below are pictures from all our park adventures this past month.
Here comes Jackson
That was FUN!

Hello, up there!
I LOVE Pink cars!!! Varrrooooom!
Mastering the slide!
Another one to fly down! Yipppeeee!
Look, mom! Big boy climbing up all by myself!
This park has a piano!!! Sweet! My favorite thing to do. Play music!
I kind of like this cute little house. Just for me!
Ohhh! Something else to climb over other than the coffee table!
Come get me, mom!!!


J is getting so big and he is SO stinking cute!! We love parks, too...it keeps us young :)

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