Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Birthday and the Horsetrack - 13.5 Months

Horsetrack Fun

Ask Jackson what a horse says, and he’ll tell you. He makes me laugh. He’s way too cute. He’s been to Canterbury twice in his young life and loves watching the horses and the tractors spray down and till the dirt after each race, and he loves watching and playing with all the kids. And of course, his favorite thing in the world – he gets to be outside.
At the horsetrack for mommy's bday!
I figured out a system by my second trip to the track so I was actually able to enjoy a beer or two. It helps meeting a good friend (Hoover!) and having a helpful brother! And thanks to our brewery tour last weekend, I enjoyed a Summit. Ahhh. Minnesota beer. My older brother spoiled me for my birthday and bought my ticket in and my beer. Win-Win for all. Karl was on call and had a slew of patients to attend to. Boo. At least he was able to experience Jackson’s love for horses the first time we went to the track.

First time we went to the horsetrack! Jackson LOVED the horsies
Petting the sweet horse!
I turned 34! How am I in my 30s? I can’t even comprehend this. I had a great birthday. The sun was SHINING. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. I swear I feel like we live in London. It was sunnier in Seattle when Karl and I visited. This spring has been so depressing. But my bday came and the sun was out. I saw the darker clouds coming so maybe it was a good thing we were up at 5:00 a.m. So we had a delicious breakfast and went on a walk. Then headed to the park where Karl got paged. Boo. We headed back so Jackson could go down for his morning nap and Karl could get ready. I quickly escaped and ran 2.5 miles. It felt SO good. Sun on my face, music in my ears, fresh air filling my lungs. It’s been awhile since I ran by myself and it was just what I needed. I quickly hopped in the shower and Jackson was up!
Playing with water on the deck. Loves drinking the water.
Karl and Jackson made me a special birthday cake bread. Get this: banana, zucchini, carrot, coconut, almond, oats and oat flour birthday bread. Can I say it was excellent? It really was. They sang to me and Karl was off working the rest of the day.
The masterpiece birthday bread daddy and Jackson made for mommy!
Jackson and I played. We mowed the grass. Ha. We walked more. And then we went to the horsetrack. I was WIPED by the end of the day, but overall…GREAT birthday!
Jackson and his g-friend, Hoover


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