Monday, July 21, 2014

House Projects and Hand Foot and Mouth

Anyone ever notice how the weekends go SO fast? I have Fridays off (I am SO grateful for this!) and the weekends STILL feel extremely fast! Having Fridays off truly save me/us. I'm able to get all the housework done (and save on a cleaning lady...not sure how I feel about that!) and get us a little more organized. I also put Jackson to work! 
Before I steamed our floor

After. Can you even tell? The SHARK vacuum!

But before any of this started, the DREADED NOTE was on the door at Daycare. One case of Hand, Foot and Mouth in Jackson's classroom. OH NO. I just was coming our way. We have a finger sucker. How could it not? It's going around like wildfire right now.

This weekend J was acting a little punk. I noticed he was sleepier than usual before his nap on Friday. We kept busy though, even stopping at a nursery down the way. We scooped up fresh green beans and Jackson munched on those (JUST LIKE ME!!) instead of his beloved fruit snacks. I loved this. I spent WAY too much on flowers and veggies, but couldn't resist! I was too excited to go home and get planting.
Some extra pots from our town home dying for some flowers!


Have you ever planted anything with a toddler? Whoa. I'm lucky I didn't get a shovel to the head or had Jackson popping the fertilizer like Pez. Jeez! This kid. I did have dirt all over my lap, feet and hair. It's OK. We survived! And it was fun. 
Love these beautiful flowers in our backyard!

Love this little dude!

Got us some Tiki torches! Those bugs are BAD!

I had to finish planting the veggies and I knew the Schwan's Man was coming AND I had a conference call coming through. I thought for SURE Jackson would take longer than an hour nap. NOPE. Wow. Juggling takes on a whole new level. But again...found a way and survived. Little J-man felt hot to me and was acting SUPER crabby. I chalked it up to little sleep.
My veggie garden. We'll see what happens this year since these are SO late. They were 50% off...

Saturday came and I was getting the same clingy, crabby Jackson. What gives? I gave him plenty of chores to do. One was making mommy and daddy coffee. He loved this. I didn't even mind that half the grounds ended up on the floor. But still. We had a family reunion to go to. He napped MAYBE 15 minutes in the car and we were off running around at the park. He was quite the pistol for us the remainder of the day. 
Homemade salsa I made for the reunion. ALL garden fresh veggies!

When J woke up on Sunday, he felt warm. He ate a pretty good breakfast but then was off. He wasn't running around. He was sitting on my lap when I was weeding. He was sitting down on his picnic bench. He was whining and crying and rubbing his eyes. He wanted to be held. What on earth? Then he got HOT. VERY HOT. Like 103 temp. I immediately gave him fluids. Maybe too many because he soaked his bed during nap and then at night too. 
I was able to get through one area of weeding this weekend!

The rest of the day he just wanted the couch. That is CRAZY. We have NEVER EVER seen him like this. He kept telling me, "fever, mommy!" Poor dude. But then he'd tell me his tooth hurt or his cheek. So after bath, I took a look with a flashlight. Sure spots and speckles in the back of his throat, side of cheeks...roof of mouth. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAND FOOT AND MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tickling dad

Helping dad with bricks so he can sit on his picnic table without getting muddy feet!

Looks like he'll be hanging out with us the rest of the week! Poor dude. I pray for a FAST recovery. This stuff is terrible. Yuck! 


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