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You all know I love health, fitness and nutrition. I obviously love trying new recipes and sharing them with you as you can tell by this blog and by my Facebook page and Twitter feed, and well, by talking to me! I've always loved working out thanks to volleyball and my upbringing. These things bundled together are what make me tick and SHINE. I am 100% HAPPY when I get to be active, I'm in shape, feeling good, eating well and spending time with those I love. I can FEEL the light radiating off me after I get a quick run in or I played an awesome game of volleyball. 

I think HEALTH is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect in our lives. Without it, we have VERY little, if anything. 

Think about it. 

I also think Health encompasses many things, not just our bodies as they look on the outside. We could look incredible but could be an emotional mess on the inside, or could be smoking 3-packs a day, or could be drowning in credit card debt or stress or fear. I'm talking the whole package here when I talk about our HEALTH. 

So yeah, I don't mind sharing my struggles with life, motherhood, health and wellness, and pretty much EVERYTHING in this blog (I am human!) or even how much I weigh right now at 27 weeks pregnant. It's weird for me to be gaining and coaching but that's what happens when you create life:) If you're curious... At 27 weeks, I weigh as much as I did in college. What does that tell you about my diet back then? (Hello beer and pizza!) I have come a LONG way. I have learned A LOT about exercise and nutrition. 

I also don't mind sharing my frustrations... like the fact I have veins popping up all over my legs from the extra weight. For the record though, the average weight gain around 27 weeks is about 23 pounds. I'm at 24 pounds. The average weight gain for an entire pregnancy (depending on where you're at when you start) is about 25-35 pounds. I gained 39 pounds with Jackson (my son). My goal was to NOT hit 200 pounds. If it helps...I'm 5'10.

Anyway, I'm officially a Beachbody coach. Yay! I couldn't be MORE excited about this! Why? Well, THIS IS MY PASSION. I get to HELP people GET healthy. HELLO!!! Is this NOT me?? I've been doing it for years, but now I'm held accountable and I get to see RESULTS and I can see how FAR I can go with MY OWN BUSINESS in the health and wellness field. FINALLY!!!! I will get to see firsthand the healthy difference I am making in people's lives. This makes me so excited I can barely sleep at night! I can't wait to get going. I can't wait to CHANGE THE WORLD.

I met Meg a few years back when she was getting into the Beachbody business. She's been VERY OPEN and HONEST and REAL - three qualities I ADORE in people. She asked if I was interested then in Beachbody because she knew how important working out and eating healthy was to me. The timing felt off. I thought I was too busy. Baaahahaha. If I only knew... I basically hopped back into my comfort zone.

Basically the past few weeks, Beachbody has been popping into my head a ton. Although the timing feels a little off being pregnant and getting ready for life with TWO (I have NO idea how I'm going to manage the insanity that's about to hit) and just moving into a new house, when ideas or people pop in my head more than a few times, I truly believe God is working in us and through us. 

We've all heard of P90X and Insanity .Right?  I have friends who SWEAR by it. I've seen tons of posts about Shakeology too, especially in a lot of the "healthy mom blogs" I follow. They are these incredible shakes with ALL NATURAL ingredients that aide in weight loss and toning up muscles. Beachbody also PROMOTES and SWEARS by CLEAN eating. I do too. I can't stand all the foods out there that have a million ingredients in them that I can't even pronounce. I think by eating clean, I was able to drop a bunch of weight around our wedding (5 years ago) and keep it off...even going through (almost) two pregnancies. 

You ARE what you EAT!

My goal is to HELP others like YOU live out HEALTHY lifestyles by giving you ALL THE RIGHT TOOLS you need. Sick of being tired? Sick of the same ol' routine?? Sick of not fitting in your clothes? Sick of the same ol' food or not knowing what you should be eating? Sick of always thinking about who you could be but don't know how to change? Or are you just sick of being sick? I get it. I was there. Oh man, I was SO there!!! 

So here's the deal!!!!!! 

Starting Aug. 4, Meg and I are running a GET HEALTHY KICK-OFF challenge. I have 10 spots open for anyone who wants to lose 5 pounds in the month of August.  It's time to feel ALIVE and healthy again! You will GET results. You will TONE up. You WILL be held accountable. And best of all you will have a BLAST!!! 

We are having an AWESOME prize too!!! We are giving the person who loses the most inches over the 30-day period, a FREE Polar FT40 Heart Rate Watch. You are able to track calories during your workouts. I have one and IT IS AWESOME!!!!!  

Imagine this on your wrist when you work out!!

You will be introduced and challenged into a new healthy way of living. That is the best part. Good things happen when you fuel your body and fill your life with GOOD! You can already be a healthy person too and sign up! Heck...I'm PREGNANT and I'm going to participate too!!! I want to be RIGHT next to you through this all, cheering you on! Why? Cuz I know YOU CAN DO IT. I KNOW YOU will feel AWESOME and realize life is WAITING for you to shine, to be THE BEST YOU!

To read more about Shakeology visit my site!
To join my challenge group, sign up on my site!

Interested in hearing more about this challenge? Email me at or message me below!!! I can't wait to get started!

It's going to be GREAT! You're going to BE GREAT!


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