Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fun with Grandparents - 15.5 Months

Grandparents Rock

I can remember the fun I had (and still have) with BOTH sets of my grandparents. Unfortunately my grandpa (mom's side) passed away when I was in high school but I still had a pretty good chunk of my life with him. I mean, we only saw him once a year, but he lived in Arizona and had an awesome pool. I have GREAT memories.

My mom and dad and Jackson at the Como Zoo

Besides all that, Karl and I feel SO SO SO lucky that Jackson has SUCH fun grandparents who love him to pieces. Jim and Judy (Karl’s parents) watch Jackson right now on Monday and Tuesdays. We love this. It’s really win-win for EVERYONE. Jackson has a BLAST. And we’re pretty sure Jim and Judy look forward to the beginning of every week. It's their special time with him.

Walking into the Zoo (it was so crowded!)
First stop: MONKEYS!

My parents live 5 hours away and we try to make sure they see Jackson every month - if it means they come up here or we go down there. It consists of some juggling on our part and their part but we try to make it all work. I always feel so bad for the grandparents who get left out. So not fair!
Jackson was ready to jump in and play with his monkey buddies

Hey, this looks like the Zebra in my bedroom!

Checking out the ducks
Riding Pa-Pa's shoulders to be as tall as the giraffe
Jackson LOVES reading with Pa-Pa

Anyway, when my parents came up this last time, we were busy. We hit up the Como Zoo AND the Mall of America. In my previous “kid-free” life, this would be NO BIG DEAL. But it is a big deal once you involve a toddler! You can’t just shut down your brain to suck down some water or grab a snack. There are no breaks. Ever.
Slightly obsessed with balls... Thanks Old Navy!

At Nickelodeon Universe at MOA
Watching the rides!
Glama was eyeing up getting us in Underwater World at the MOA

Mama was WIPED come Sunday, but we all had a blast. And I’m already looking forward to the next visit. Jackson too!


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