Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Workouts and Weight - Week 7

Week of November 11
late posting... life has gotten crazy.

Weight: 158.5
Height: 5’10

Me and my little man hanging out
This week was horrible for working out. Terrible. This whole week was an all-around stressful, no-fun kind of week with very little time and sleep. YUCK. In short: When it rains, it pours.

Sunday – Was hoping to get to the gym. Nope. All I had time for was to get to the grocery store. Does that count as walking? I shop really fast. My list is made out the way the store is laid out. I have to be quick. Was hoping for a walk outside but the weather wasn’t the best. So nope. Was hoping for the elliptical. Nope. Tried not to be so hard on myself…

Monday – Nada. No time.

Tuesday – 25 minute walk over lunch! Any chance to get fresh air.

Wednesday – Had the day off to watch Jackson! I LOVE when I get days like these. I wish I could do this every week. We spent 45 minutes running and walking. As soon as Jackson would fuss, I would start running and he would stop. I think he was pushing me. Felt so great!!

Thursday – 15 minute walk over lunch and a phone call to my mom. I love when we get to talk.

Friday – 15 minute walk over lunch. SUPER stressful day. Had to work a full day and then race home and pack everything up. Plus feed Jackson. We didn’t get to the cabin until after 9. Then Jackson was up after being asleep in his car seat. Put him down to sleep and he woke up a few times throughout the night. Mom was TIRED. Dad woke up with a bad cold. Jackson woke up with green boogies.

Saturday – At the cabin. No working out because stray bullets (hunting opener). I tried to run up and down my in-law’s hills a couple of times because it was SO NICE OUT. Totally bumming I couldn’t enjoy the weather a little more, but me and the little man say outside and soaked up the rays and fresh air. Jackson had lots of green snotL

Lesson learned… I think I’m going to have to retire going to the cabin during hunting season.

1. I don’t hunt nor do I have a desire to.

2. I do not like being trapped inside all day. I’m too active. Sitting outside is nice (we got lucky with this year’s weather), but I need more than just sitting outside...

3. I have so much to do at home, it’s best I just stay back and get that all done. Working 40 hours a week kills all my time to get things done around the house. I need my weekends, otherwise I feel internally unorganized and my whole week is just as messy as my house feels.

4. I really like my sleep. And I get very little at the cabin with Jackson in the room with us. Then when Monday rolls around...I’m dying! I need to be focused at work, and it’s SO hard when I’m SO tired.


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