Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekly Workouts and Weight - Week 6

Week of November 4

Weight - 158
Height -  5’ 10”
On a family walk on Saturday (was 72 degrees out in November!!!)

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I made it to the 150s!!! I am just four pounds away from my pre-baby weight!!!!!!!! There is still a stack of pants in my closet that I can’t comfortably fit into so I’m working on toning up.  Thanks to my last training session, I think I might have shocked my body and muscles to work extra hard! Just wait until the Halloween candy catches up to me.

Sunday – 35 minute lift and Life Time and a 5 minute steam! Ahhhh. Then a twenty minute walk with Jackson. We bundled up tight. Love getting fresh air with him. Now it’s going to be too dark when I get home to do much of anything outside with him. Boooo.

Monday - None

Tuesday – None. Had to give up my gym time. Jackson had his 6 month appointment and that meant dad had to work late.

Wednesday – Elliptical 25 minutes

Thursday – 20 minute walk outside over lunch break. In the 50s in November! Awesome. Sun is shining.

Friday - None

Saturday – 45 minute walk (and a run toward the end) with Jackson (warm but cloudy and rainy) and then sun cleared so we went on a 25 minute walk with dad! Able to see the sunset! Also cooked a lot of healthy foods for Jackson: chicken, mangos, papaya, butternut squash, bananas, asparagus, plums. Next up green beans, peas and more avocados and sweet potatoes. We are flying through the food now that he eats three times a day.
Another fun walk during the week!
Spent a portion of my weekend cooking up healthy foods for Jackson. My fave...baked plums. YUM!!!


You may need to share those recipes! I'm looking for healthy foods for the Aubster since she is now into picking up foods to eat.

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