Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fun with the Koesters!

Just a little update (in photos) of what we've been doing! Enjoy!

Hoping for the big one!

Got em!

First fish

Having a BLAST at daycare!

Love this kid's smile!

He loves water!

Ice bucket challenge completed!

My lil obsession.. (Found at Costco)

A lot of pregnant ladies in one room! Watch out! Order of due dates from right to left!


Silly boy!

MINT with lemon. Tasted kind of like a cocktail... 

My aunt and my Godfather came up for a visit!! YAY! We had some bike riding fun!

Love these people!!!!!

Baby Colton and Jackson!!!!!!


Heart melts every time. Karl found some of his old books!

Jackson says..."GO AWAY, BUNNY!"

There he/she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO SO SO precious!!!!!! 32 weeks!

Tasty salad for mama!

Love these two!!!!! And the black socks!

Mr. Wonderful and his bubbles!

Putting on daddy's work shirt

My happy place: berries and PROJECT RUNWAY!

Jackson loves his time at the cabin!

Off to fish!

Caught the big one!

I actually got some ME time to RELAX at the cabin!!!!!!!!

My little CUTIE

Chasing after Uncle Ben


Yummy breakfast

Yummy snacks!

Typical grocery shopping trip

FINALLY washed all the screens. Little tough with a toddler

Daddy got mom TWO apple trees for our 5 year anniversary! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!

I LOVE Minnesota!!! Leaves are starting to change though. NOOO!

PiYo time!!! 

Yummy breakfast!

A fave snack. Only two ingredients!

Shakeology in the morning! Frozen organic fruit and arugula! YUM!


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