Thursday, September 4, 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant

33 Weeks

This week your baby weighs a little over 4 pounds (about the size of a pineapple) and has passed the 17-inch mark. He's rapidly losing that wrinkled, alien look and his skeleton is hardening. The bones in his skull aren't fused together, which allows them to move and slightly overlap, thus making it easier for him to fit through the birth canal. These bones don't entirely fuse until early adulthood, so they can grow as his brain and other tissue expands during infancy and childhood.

This is nuts that I’m already at 33 weeks. Let me tell you, the time is flying. I say that every time, but time really picked up speed now.
Me at the gym getting a good sweat in while I can!!! 33-weeks preggers!

No, we haven’t touched the nursery. Yep, still pink. Yep, still a bunch of stickers stuck to the back of the door from the previous owners. No…no newborn clothes hanging yet. Where the heck is the car seat? My pump? Have I washed the bottles? Should I start stocking up on diapers again?

It’s fine. It’ll all come together, right? This is the attitude I just have to have right now. I had my dad print up my “chart” / horoscope. 

I know. I know. Little crazy. 

But it’s so spot on. Right now Plato is in trine with natal Chiron. What does this mean? I’m in for a rough time until January 18, 2015. GREAT. And have been since November 2013. Well THIS explains things. The only way I can experience GREAT JOY during this time is “GOING WITH THE FLOW”.

ME? Go with the flow??? You laughing??? I am. Why am I so Type A? I was whining to a friend about this. Why can't I just be chill??? What is my problem??

But I will say I have taken this to heart. It’s WORKING. GOING WITH THE FLOW!!!

Just call me Christie Goes-with-the-Flow Koester. 

So yeah, I have 43 pages of this “chart” printed up on me. It’s crazy. I figure God created the ENTIRE world and the planets, so together he and these transits and stuff somehow work together.

ANYWAY…if I haven’t weirded you out TOO much yet….

I’m in the middle of searching for daycare. UGH. PAINFUL. Total MOM GUILT. We don’t mind where Jackson goes currently; however, the drive is getting to be a little too much. It’s about 20 minutes out of our way. Doesn’t make sense. Won’t make sense at ALL in the winter when our commutes will double regardless. I just don’t want to mess with Jackson’s routine. But I also don’t like how he clings to me at drop off. KILLS ME EVERY TIME. I never liked doing drop off. They have been SO great with helping us getting him potty trained and inviting us to trust Jackson to take himself to the bathroom and put on his shoes and clothes and all the things I thought I'd have to still be doing. NOPE. He's such a stud. 

Secondly, Karl’s parents watch Jackson on Monday and Tuesdays. TOTALLY awesome. However, can they handle two and for TWO days in a row? That is the question. We like to think our parents are these young energetic healthy people who chased after us …when the reality is, they are getting older, more tired, have a lot more aches and pains. They like to vacation more. I get it.  Akkk!

I know I have to do something NOW about daycare before baby comes and also throws a little wrench in Jackson’s life. Why does change have to be so hard? Pretty much every place I’ve called is full or VERY expensive. Welcome to the world of raising children, right?

Other than stressing about that, and my grandpa and grandma, I think I’m doing pretty OK. So my grandpa had a brain bleed going on since June. They stopped that a couple weeks ago, but this created a clot around his entire heart. NO! This is the same scenario five years ago all over again. They tried to break it up, but that usually causes the brain to bleed. So they thinned the blood instead so the blood can flow around the heart. Basically every single day is precious. Then, my gma in AZ walked into the chiropractor since my mom sent her there due to my gma complaining about a headache. THANKFULLY the chiropractor and the physician’s assistant there knew my grandma was having a stroke. They called the Mayo immediately and she was shipped to the stroke unit. They later found out SHE ALSO had a brain bleed! Oh man!!!!! What is going on!?!??! Both aren’t doing the best.

And it just makes me think a lot and sends me to a place I don't like. I'm all jittery and worrying. I want to pray that they live forever. I’m going to miss them too much otherwise, but let’s be real here. Am I supposed to pray they live until they are 100 and miserable??? So, I’m just asking God to help me trust him. That’s all I can do. I just get sad about it all. Like I said above, CHANGE is hard. Sometimes I just want to bottle EVERYTHING as is. But this is why we have good days and bad days, so we TREASURE the good days and times. This makes life here precious, huh? 

OTHERWISE, I have been feeling really great. I’ve been doing PiYo, which is SO good for me. All that stretching is MUCH needed. I feel 1000 times better after I’m done. I have quite a bit of energy, which is surprising me. Last Friday Jackson and I went to the chiropractor, then to get my oil changed, THEN ran over to the doctors to get a rapid strep test for him (negative), THEN to Costco. Then home to clean. I WAS EXHAUSTED. I mean each time required putting Jackson in his car seat, chasing him around and then putting him BACK in his car seat and dealing with a tantrum in the middle of the parking lot. NEAT! 

I worked on my business during nap. Schawan’s man came over and he told me all about his dad dying (sad!). Went to the park with Jackson when he woke up from the world’s SHORTEST nap and THEN we were off to a friend’s house to help them unpack and move. Jackson took out the knives and played with them. AKK! By then I was TOAST. I was DONE. DONE. DONE. But then I had to get up and prepare a bunch of healthy foods for the cabin. UFDAH. There is NO rest in the future…is there? This is my life from here on out. NUTS. But damn, I LOVE IT. 

I will say it’s getting pretty tough to bend over. I gave Jackson a bath last night while my husband did his Fantasy Football draft. That was challenging. I had Karl vacuum for me though. Good hubby! Can I just say it is SO SO SO nice to have my hubby back! He's coming home at a GREAT time. Helping around the house!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIS NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you LORD!

I’m trying to get sleep because I know what’s coming. I had a panic attack this morning remembering VERY CLEARLY what those first several months are like. But not physically remember how painful it can be getting out of bed from exhaustion. GULP. 

Praying for a REALLY great SLEEPERJ Actually, praying for healthy. That’s it. As we say our prayers at night, mine are simple. GOOD HEALTH.

We’re down to seeing our doctor every two weeks!!! ZOIKS!! Things are getting real. Karl can no longer come to the appointments because of his new job. Fart. But it’s OK. They are short and I think he enjoys just shooting the sh*t with our cool doctor anyway.

Doctor was shocked at my glucose levels. He wondered if I was human! LOVE IT. Like I said, being healthy is my #1 because it effects EVERYONE.

I’m sitting at 179 pounds now. Up 34 pounds! Started at 145. I was 143 pounds for a little bit there at the beginning, but I’ll just say 145. Makes me feel better. J It’ll come off.

I just know that this is my GET BIG phase right now. WATCH OUT. I have no idea where and how my skin will stretch to, but all worth it. Getting PUMPED to meet this nugget! Excited to hear… “It’s a ….boy! or GIRL!”

Did I mention I was at a baby shower and some lady did a trick on me? I had to stand in front of her, clear my head and take a deep breath and say out loud to her what I think we’re having. I said, “I think I’m having a boy.” I leaned forward. Guess what? She says…”YEP! You’re having a boy!” If I leaned back, I guess that means girl. WE WILL SEE!!!!!!!!! Anyone ever do this trick??? 


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