Monday, July 28, 2014

Fun Weekend in Review


I realized I was taking this for granted until Jackson got sick. Life sort of flips upside down when our little ones don't feel well. I totally cherished this weekend when Jackson turned around on Saturday and was back to himself. Thank goodness!!

This is what we've been up to!!

An hour-long bike ride in our new neighborhood!!! We uncovered another sweet park!!!

Cool park!!!

My boys!
My sweetheart!
Earlier last week...On the way to the doctors. This kid never sleeps, so we knew something was up

Doctor said LOTS OF COLD STUFF. 

CHECK! We ate tons and tons of cold stuff!
Germs flying around? I made sure to make us SUPER healthy stuff all week! STAY AWAY, GERMS!

One of my favorite salads in the whole world!!! Yep, made with real Mayo!
Another new park! I told Jackson we'd stop at a park on the way to Costco. Thing is, we both love Costco! SAMPLES!!!

Cool park!

Hey! It's me! 27 Weeks Preggers! (No make-up! EVER!)

Going for a ride in the front lawn!

YAY! AWESOME NEIGHBORS! Jess was walking by with her son Jason and wanted to introduce herself. HOW COOL! Made a playdate out of it! Our friends Jason and Katie stopped by too with their daughter! PERFECT TIMING!

When my friend Katie saw our master bath, she asked how many "tubs" I've taken. Answer...NONE. So I took her advice that night and DID IT! AHHH-MAZING!!!!!!!!!
For Father's Day, I had a friend out in WA gather up a bunch of beers ONLY sold out there that Karl might love and ship them over to us in Minnesota. BOY, he did not disappoint. This is Karl's favorite so far. Funny thing is when Karl and I traveled out west along the coast, we stopped at Hopworks and had a beer there! But this one was new to us and SO good. Made with quinoa!!!!! HEALTHY BEER!!!  ( Disclaimer: I only had two sips!)


Some cool things we worked on:

These hanging baskets are turning out SO PRETTY!!!! Giving them LOTS of TLC.

Karl filled up Jackson's sandbox and put bricks down under his picnic table after I weeded! Looks SO NICE!

Yeah. Did you catch all the weeds back there? There are a TON! A TON.

I spent 3 hours with Jackson on Sunday weeding the back of our yard. WHOA! It's looking SUPER nice now! We made a game out of it too. The kid who lived here before must have had a toy BB gun and the yellow BBs are EVERYWHERE. Jackson calls them "corns" and collects them. 

We got a new microwave!!!!!!! Our friend in the cabinet making business came over quick, raised up the cabinets, helped Karl put in the microwave. DONE IN MINUTES. BOOM. LOVE THESE GUYS!

Hope your week if FULL OF FUN and JOY!


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