Monday, March 10, 2014

All-Day Sickness in Full Effect (7 weeks)

7 weeks

Last week kicked my booty. Whoa. Morning sickness was an ALL DAY horribleness this time around. Ugh. I have no idea how I made it through work and reviews, but somehow I did. I wanted to cry.

When I got home, I’d sit on the couch and beg Karl to come home and fix dinner. We had soup and grilled cheese twice last week. J Thankfully Jackson was pretty good about mommy lying on the floor instead of busy in the kitchen because then he could play all around me. I just couldn’t do it. The smells were killing me. I had NO desire to eat or be around food. I felt like I had the flu!

Shortly after putting Jackson down for bed, I’d curl up in our bed and do whatever I could not to get sick.

  •  Exhaustion took on an entire new level. I even laid down at work on a floor in an empty room and fell asleep.
  • · I’d lay down when I put Jackson down for a nap and I’d be out cold for a solid hour and a half. Every time. It was crazy. That never happens.
  • ·Nauseous.  Nauseous.  Nauseous.
  • ·    I couldn’t eat or drink much of anything which made me feel WEAK and nauseous.
  • ·    I woke up with hives. Bad. Huge welts all over my body and then my left eye swelled shut, my lips blew up and then my face. What on earth!?!?!? I itched everywhere.
  • ·    When I realized I lost 3lbs, I ate A LOT. I knew I couldn’t mess around. And that meant BAD stuff because it’s all I actually wanted. We’re talking Arby’s, ice cream, pizza, cheese bread sticks, hot dogs, spaghetti O’s. Yeah. Stuff I rarely eat. Sorry baby.
  • ·     I have been FREEZING. To the bone. Wearing three sweaters or sweatshirts at a time. And standing in front of a fireplace WITH a furry blanket and hot tea. NOTHING WORKS. FREEZING.  
  • ·     I slept a lot. Could be the Benadryl. Or just me telling myself to let it all go and REST.
  • ·     I now take my vitamins at night.
  • ·     I’ve been throwing back a lot of natural ginger ale. All I know is the past two days have been really good! I woke up at 4 a.m. with a racing mind, I have more energy, I’m eating normal, I have my drive back. BUT that could all be different tomorrow! I know that.

Doctor appointment tomorrow! I’m nervous but excited. We’ll see how it all goes!


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