Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Month in Review - 21.5 Months

Almost two years old! Where is the time going?

After that first birthday, time FLIES. Not even kidding. This was the fastest year YET. I realized I have NO updates for Jackson's 21st month... So here we go!

Weight: A whopping 26 lbs!

Favorites: Jumping everywhere, bunnies, buses, trucks, loves reading books, LOVES his aunts and uncles and both Kacey dogs and grandparents (loves looking at their photos and pointing them out everyday), loves the water, loves racing cars on the kitchen floor, black olives, getting my parent's slippers out when they are visiting (and mine when we get home every day), going to church, driving by any church, his "Jesus" book, helping with laundry and cooking and vacuuming, kissing us if we stub our toe or hurt something, flushing the potty, stroking his pinkie-finger when he's sucking on his two fingers, naps (he will tell us when it's time..."NAP! NAP!"), screaming on top of his lungs if he is told "no" or when he has to do something he doesn't want to...

Dislikes: Getting snow on his gloves, this motorcycle race car thing my aunt gave him (Must be too loud). When mommy is trying to cook and isn't giving Jackson all her attention. The cold weather. Learning patience. When mommy gets on the phone. When mommy tries to do anything but play with him... Oh boy.

Potty Training: He was doing great for a couple weeks with pooping in the toilet. Then he stopped. But started again. It's hit or miss. We're just going with it. No pressure!

It's been a fun month even in the arctic blast!! Below are photos in no particular order from the months of January and February 2014!

I was able to get a total workout here! We went for a long sled ride! Trying to get out as much as possible but it's SO hard when it's SO COLD!!!

Obsession with bunnies. Peek a boo!

Obsession with his lawn mower. He is ready for GREEN! ME TOO!

Hanging out with his Uncle Mike who is at the Sochi Olympics right now! Lucky duck!

One day it hit CLOSE to 40 degrees! YES! We were OUTSIDE for that!!!

Enjoyed homemade banana ice cream with Nutella. Naughty but YUM!

Papa MIGHT have left his Cheetos behind... 

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday I have put together Toddler TOT SPOT at my church! SO MUCH FUN! Lots of space to run around in and toys to play with. Jackson loves. 

Fixing mom something real tasty in his kitchen!

Yeah, you read that right. -19. SO SO SO COLD.

Such a HAM

Loves putting on mommy's shoes

We've gone swimming a couple times. Jackson LOVES, but he MIGHT love the shower more...  Yes, that's my bikini in the drain. Whatever. You do whatever works. 

Major obsession with Wheels on the Bus. MAJOR. 

Hit up the park on that 40 degree day!

I try to clean and Jackson loves playing with all the stuff I find and make use of it. Look at those baby browns!
Loves reading books!

My sweet, sweet boy! Love this little FLIRT.

My mom bought Jackson a book that recorded her voice. He has to read this book at least twice a night. He gives the "Grandma Bunny" a kiss on the last page. SO SWEET. 
On top of the world! Again...mom cleaning again and Jackson makes use of it all!

Went to the Wild Rumpus book store. Lots of animals hanging out. Jackson was in heaven. He kissed ALL the kitties. 

Bonding with dad. 

Looked so old to me here!!!

Having fun on our special Fridays!

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Jumping on dad!!!

More reading!

Aunt Kelly stopped by at day care! Jackson LOVED. Same with the other kids!

Should we be worried? Jackson sucks his two fingers and strokes his pinkie. Now he sticks objects on his pinkie... 

Picking out books at the Wild Rumpus!
Sometimes they end up on the wrong feet but he's getting really good at putting his shoes on! Boy, will he get FRUSTRATED when he can't get them on right though!
We hit up a local gymnastics place for open gym some Fridays. SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Have a great month!!!


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