Thursday, October 10, 2013

Probiotics Work Wonders on Toddler's Tummy - 17.5 Months

Tummy issues? Buy Probiotics for your Toddler.

If you read my last post, you saw that we had quite the adventure going on at our house the past three weeks. We actually took Jackson in for his chronic diarrhea to get his stool tested. I thought parasites for sure.

Then all tests came back negative. Thank God! But how could a toddler poop that much for three weeks?

Doctor thinks either teeth or some wild crazy virus.

I was in panic mode on Saturday - even thought my child was septic. Let's just say my brain is crazy. My sister in law helped put me at ease and had me call her good friend who has two little girls. She swears by probiotics. Then I thought, I take them every day so why isn't Jackson?


I ran over to Wal-mart (I really did run - it's across the street) and picked them up. I'm not kidding you, within 24 hours things started changing for the better. And within 48 hours, Jackson was back!!! And he's been great ever since.

These probiotics deserve a post. AMEN!


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