Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Favorite Summer Wine in Minnesota

Cheers from Minnesota
Want to know one of my favorite wines I love right now? I'll give you a hint... it’s a Minnesota wine. I know. What? Frontenac 2011. Score. Minnesota grown and local. How about that support?
Crofut wine = a fave in our house
I like it because it’s not overly sweet. There’s body to it. And it goes well with everything. OK, so it kind of tasted funny after I chewed on a few raw green beans. Crofut Winery is right down the street from us and offered a FREE tasting at our favorite liquor store in Savage, Minnesota.
I swear we’re not crazy booze hounds. Karl laughs because I MAYBE finish a glass of wine, otherwise it’s a sip here and there. I like to be in control of my thoughts, emotions and energy level! If I drink too much I get sleepy, and well…after not sleeping for a year, I cherish sleep.
There you have it. Now go out and buy yourself a bottle and let me know what you think.  


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