Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Date Night in Minnesota

Date Night - FINALLY

I can’t tell you how excited I was when my friend Kimbra sent me a text asking if Karl and I would like to join them on the Summit Brewery Tour. I knew Karl would be ALL OVER this. Oh, boy was he ever! YAY! Perhaps we need to get out more??
Us at the Summit Brewer Tour (for some reason some pics get stretched...)

Friday was rough at The Koester house. Poor little Jackson must’ve been hit with back to back colds while in the thick of getting those first set of molars—then later developed a fever. Blah. Poor Jackson. This meant extra attention and cuddles from mom (when he’d let me), VERY SHORT NAPS (if any) and little sleep for all…UFDAH. Jackson was up every few hours at night and then up for good VERY early, so mom and dad was TIRED. I was unable to get anything but some work for my job done. I was going crazy. We took THREE long walks on Friday. THREE. It’s the only time he was in pretty good spirits.
I will say the whole time I was worried but I also had Saturday on my mind. I swear it helped me make it through the day. I needed a break and I knew a brewery tour was JUST what we needed.
Did I mention the tour is FREE?? You can bring in non-perishable items, which was great because I had all this baby formula that was taking up space in our cabinets. Win-win. Basically one of Summit’s employees stood up and presented the history of Summit Brewing and a little history on the types of beers. Then we walked to four different stations, heard more about how the lines were run and then it was TASTING time! We got our bracelets with three tear-away tickets. Sure, the beer cups are small (8 oz) but the beer is FRESH and DELICIOUS. And here I usually turned my nose up on the ‘hoppyness’ of Summit. Hello? It’s so good! I tried the Summit Pilsener, the Horizon Red Ale and Summer Ale.
Afterwards, we hit up The Happy Gnome where we had more beer! I really do promise I don’t have a drinking problemJ I love sampling beers and wines. But I know my limits!
So far I've been on the Boulevard Brewery Tour in Kansas City, Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee (this is my #1), Miller-Coors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Summit Brewing in St. Paul, Minnesota and... I swear there's been another but I'm drawing a big fat blank.
All-time favorite brewery tour?


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