Friday, May 24, 2013

One of the Reasons I Live in Minnesota

Hello Beautiful Minnesota Spring

Winters are brutal here in Minnesota - VERY dark, VERY cold. But then spring comes... The birds begin singing around 4 a.m. The morning sunshine breaks free through our curtains around 5 a.m. and it still remains pretty light until 10 p.m. The lakes look like glass. The healthy green leaves bursting from trees greet the skies and everything looks like a postcard would. The air smells so clean and fresh. I can't help and be anything but happy. Hello, sunshine warming my face. Ahhh.

A morning spring walk in Minnesota

The most perfect morning for me goes like this: I'm up around 5:30 while everyone else sleeps. Coffee is brewing and I have a healthy breakfast cooking. Windows are cracked. I'm able to shower and get a few things done around the house. Jackson wakes and we snuggle. I feed him, then we head out to explore. I bring my coffee and sip it along our cool, crisp walk, slowing to soak in the things I otherwise let pass me by during the week. We watch the ducks bathe in a few of the ponds down from us, we point at cars, we watch the birdies soar in the sky and then let our energy out by playing at a nearby park. Around and around we go. Up and down. Through tunnels and over bars and under metal frames. Down the slides. Up the slides. And we laugh.

It's perfect. It's what keeps me going. Not every morning is like this working full-time or with all the rain we've been getting, but when these days come, everything feels just about right.


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