Monday, December 17, 2012

First Big Snowfall for Jackson - 7.5 months

Let it snow! Let it snow!
Me and the little man sledding on December 9

Last I heard, we were supposed to get 2-4 inches. We made it to 12 inches. Funny. It was a beautiful snow but a LOT. Jackson wasn't sure he liked the big flakes flying in his eyes, but for the most part, he LOVED staring out the window at dad shoveling and the kids sledding and marching through the snow.
It just kept snowing and snowing...

And snowing...
And snowing...
And snowing...
Jackson LOVES staring out the window, especially when it's snowing!

On to other news....
Just me sitting here all nice and tall

Jackson is officially crawling.
No more army crawl. Straight up crawling and fast, fast, fast. I noticed this two Fridays ago after we got home from work (the dusting of snow made the commute nice and long. Yuck). I also noticed Jackson started to push himself up onto his knees, but wasn't totally sure...until we went over to my brother's for dinner on Saturday night. Jackson crawled over to the stairs and climbed up two steps just like that. We couldn't believe it. And he's been doing a triangle stance every now and then, trying to get himself to stand. He's a crazy man.

Just me looking all cute again

Says “Bwah-Bwah”
Jackson has been making more sounds and more noises. The best is hearing him get up in the morning. He has a lot of fun turning on his mobile and watching it. He crawls all over the crib in excitement and raises and lowers his voice. My dad claims he said "da" today.

Pushes himself to stand when crawling over my knees
The other night I was playing with him on the floor. Sometimes he doesn’t like to go too far from me, so he climbs back onto my lap. Now, he crawls up my legs and pushes himself up so he stands. He is so strong!
Makes hilarious faces
I could stare at Jackson forever ALL the time. I’m so worried I’m going to miss something since he’s so full of life and energy. He is so funny when he’s playing. Jackson makes so many animated faces.
Body might not like blueberries
We were feeding him blueberries but he started spitting them up more and more and decorating our carpet. Plus, when he poops, it stains his butt!!! I’m not so sure his body is ready for blueberries. Going to cut back.
Weaning from bottle to sippy cup
I mentioned in a previous post that Jackson decided to stop taking the bottle while at daycare. I called the nurse who said that is quite common for babies his age (7.5 to 9 months), as long as he has wet diapers. He has VERY heavy diapers, especially at night. He’s starting to drink 3 ounces from the sippy cup, so we’re making progress. He definitely likes to nurse morning and night and has been getting up more often. Hmph. Mom is tired.
Climbs stairs
We were over at my brother Mike’s for dinner and let Jackson crawl around and he headed right for the stairs and climbed up two of them. We were like…wha???
Tried zucchini, parsnips and carrots
Still making his foods and so far Jackson has been willing to try all. I wish I could get my hands on peaches and nectarines and apricots and watermelon… All the fruits that are kind of out of season. I’m not sure how comfortable I am about cooking up fruit from other countries just because of the pesticides used over there. Most countries took all the pesticides that have been banned here to use on their crops. Soooo….
Loves puffs
I have never seen someone get so excited over little cereal pieces. As soon as I shake the container with the puffs in them, Jackson smiles and says, “Mmmmmmmmm”and kicks his little feet. Sometimes he even claps!
Clapping his handsSpeaking of clapping, he does this a lot. I love it. What a happy happy boy. 
Clapping his hands!
Sleeping is still hit or miss.
The month of November into December was really tough on me when it comes to sleep. Not a whole lot. And then finally...FINALLY... last night he slept the whole night through. THANK YOU LORD.
Gets crazy excited when Karl and I come home from work or when he sees either of us.
I love those smiles. We also love when we get him in the morning how he's peeking through the railings of his crib.
Peek a boo
I see you!
The wave.
Has started waving, but only when his hand is touching his chin. Hasn’t quite figured out how to extend arm and wave. It is the CUTEST EVER.
Mean Mary JackWhen I was little, I used to scrunch up my nose and pull in my face and make a heavy breathing noise. My parents called me Mean Mary Jean. And now Jackson is doing the exact same thing. Hilarious.
Love this little man!!!


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