Monday, December 17, 2012

Body BACK After Baby - 7.5 Months

Body After Baby – Hitting My Pre-Pregnancy Weight at 7.5 Months

Height – 5’10
Weight – 153
I did it! Look at those muscles!

Well, I did it! I have no idea how because I’m not working out any more than usual (I swear), but I am really watching what I eat and I don’t drink alcohol like I did back in the day. AND there isn’t a whole lot of time to eat when I’m watching Jackson. I rarely sit. I don’t catch a lot of TV anymore. I don’t read like I used to. Both Jackson and I are moving a lot. He has me on my toes!

And just like that I jumped on the scale and I weigh less than where I was before I found out I was pregnant with Jackson. YAY!

All my clothes fit – even the super small pants I couldn’t even get over my thighs two months after Jackson was born. Holy wow. I can’t believe it.

My goal from here on out is to maintain and keep up the healthy lifestyle. I feel GOOD and I want to keep it that way. I’m trying to get one to two really good workouts in a week (there are fewer walking trips just because it’s cold and snowy now), one lifting session (this helps tone me up because I notice I’m softer in areas than I was before even if I now weigh less) and I’m focused on eating really healthy. Like I’ve said before, I know what foods are going to make me feel sluggish and tired (carbs and sugar), so I avoid and fuel my body with as healthy as I can get.

What has been helping me is making Jackson’s food. I’m constantly researching what healthy foods I can introduce him to and what the main vitamin is in each serving so he gets a variety of nutrients and stays healthy and builds up a great immune system. For example I pureed his parsnips the other night. They ended up looking like mashed potatoes and tasted way better. Karl even liked. I will be introducing that to our own weekly meals. It’s kind of fun to experiment with all these different fruits and vegetables.

Here’s to a HEALTHY, HAPPY 2013!!!


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