Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jackson is Eight Weeks - week eight

week eight (postpartum)

I can't believe we have an eight-week old. Time is going by SO fast. I wish I could freeze it. This time I've had with Jackson has been so wonderful and great.

Some big milestones for Jackson (besides graduating to a size 1 diaper):

He is big-time smiling and is seconds away from letting out a laugh. I don't want to miss it when that joyful giggle comes out.
All smiles for daddy!
Hello! It's me...Jackson!

He's able to push himself up and hold his neck up really great!

Learned this "tummy time" hold in our Baby and Me class

Working on pushing himself up
Video of Jackson pushing himself up -

He loves to watch daddy read him books. And dad likes to laugh at all the books.
His favorite book so far - nice and colorful
Video of dad reading book to Jackson -

We've heard a couple of "coo's" and other sweet baby noises come out of Jackson's mouth. They are enough to make us smile and forget about any worries we have with the outside world.
He's our sweet lil dude...i.e. "bupkiss"

Jackson slept for a solid six hours, six and a half hours and now seven hours the other night! YAY!
Daddy loves when Jackson sleeps a lot!

He brings so much joy to others wherever we go!
Jackson - 8 weeks old at 10lbs 11.7 ounces

Life is so sweet!


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