Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Goes in a Diaper Bag and Car - Month 7

week 28

Enter: Diaper Bag

Thanks to all the frequent emails I get from several mother-to-be websites (and yes, I subscribed to another magazine....this time Fit Pregnancy), I decided to start putting together a list of all the goods we'll need in our diaper bag and make sure Karl and I have stocked cars just in case any blowouts happen. Trying to get this all done when I have the energy and time!

Items filling the diaper bag:
Changing pad
Cloth diaper or receiving blanket
Change of clothes
Extra socks
Plastic garbage bag
Zipper bags (couple of big ones and small ones for the bottle's nipple)
Bottle of water (for clean ups)
Diaper cream
Antibacterial gel
Medicine (acetaminophen and anti-gas drops)
Nursing pads (my Hooter Hider)
Pacifier (with clip)
Baby toys
A book or two
Snacks for mom and dad
Extra shirt for me
A bib or two
Travel tissues

Stocking Both our Cars

Items in both our cars:
Car seat base
Travel diaper wipes
Extra diapers
An extra pair of clothes
Bottle of water (for clean ups)
Plastic bag for trash
Granola bar (for us...stop those hunger pains)
First aid kit (and a little remedies survival kit too)
Antibacterial gel
Travel tissues
Extra shirt and pants (you never know what'll be leaking these days...right?)

Am I missing anything?


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