Monday, January 23, 2012

Three Great Pregnancy Books - Month 7

What to read while pregnant?

Currently I'm reading about seven different pregnancy books, a romance novel (sorry, I need some steamy romance in my life) and a Christian-type of book. And so far I have three faves out of the seven pregnancy books.

Here's the secret I've learned up to this point in my pregnancy. Nobody can really prepare you for pregnancy or what's about to happen. Nobody. No person. No book. No video. Etc. Every 'body' is different and handles pregnancy in its own way. Kind of like how we're all our own person. And with that said, humor is a good thing when the unknown is lurking around every corner. Trust me. Fear can do some cray-cray things to a pregnant lady.
Hilarious, honest book for pregnant ladies

Jenny McCarthy did a good job of cracking me up in Belly Laughs. My friend Katie (due less than two weeks before me) sent me a text and asked me if I read it. I said "no" and she mailed it to me. I thought that was pretty awesome in itself. I read it on our flight to Vegas and was done that night. It's a quick read, and it's hilarious. Let's just say Jenny is very open and doesn't hold back...on anything! I highly recommend this book to add some humor to your pregnancy. Laughing is a good thing.

Second book that has helped me a ton has been Heading Home With Your Newborn. Funny, but Amazon was the one who recommended this book to me. Remember, I'm the one who rarely holds babies...if at all. I don't think I've ever changed a diaper in my life. I never heard of swaddling and bumbos and boppies. I'm sooo clueless (and part of the reason I think I'm so scared). But this book really covered everything from breastfeeding to sleepless nights and figuring out if your baby is too hot or cold to helping make life easier. Let's just say I feel a little more prepared and have something to go back to when I'm struggling!

Third book, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, was given to me by my BFF She-Dawg. I really do read it "week by week" and love knowing what's going on with my body and baby for the week. It's fun and very accurate. I just like it because each week is short and sweet and to the point.

There is one other book that I just started that a work friend recommended about breastfeeding. The Complete Book of Breastfeeding. I'm only a few chapters in but it's full of great information, and I think by taking a breastfeeding class this weekend will help keep the information fresh as I read chapter after chapter.

Moms - Were there any books you read during your pregnancy that you enjoyed?


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