Saturday, January 28, 2012

Test for Gestational Diabetes - Month 7

week 28

Passing the Gestational Diabetes Test

I was warned I'd be drinking the grossest sugary drink of my life, and I'd have two gross options to chose from: orange or fruit punch. I prepared myself for nasty, but the drink really wasn't as bad as everyone made it sound. I swear some people just love making new moms squirm.

I had five minutes to drink the orange sugar drink down

The nurse in the lab filled up my cup and told me I had five minutes to drink it all. After gulping down the goodness, I had an hour to go up to my appointment and come back down. I could use the bathroom, drink water, but I could not eat for an hour. I was fine with that because I made sure I ate a healthy breakfast beforehand.

The orange drink wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be. People told me it would taste like a bad McDonald's orange soda. I really didn't think it was bad - there just wasn't any carbonation. And it had a more syrupy texture to it than the McDonald's orange drink, kind of like cough syrup. Karl even smelled it and said he didn't think it was so bad.
The orange drink that really wasn't so bad

We made it up to the doctors and as I was sitting in the waiting room, the drink started to slosh around in my stomach a bit. That didn't feel so great, but I knew it would pass. To me, a Mello Yello tastes stronger and more sugary than what I just swallowed.

We were called in. I was up a few pounds. Sigh. I'm officially 22 pounds heavier. But baby's heartbeat sounded great and the doctor again cheered me on and said to continue working out. I told him my concerns about waking up on my back (I guess blood doesn't flow as well to baby or mom if you lay on your back and books keep warning me to sleep on my side). He asked how I felt when I'd wake up on my back. My response: Great! So he told me to keep doing it. Huge relief. And so, I slept like a baby last night.

Karl and I made it downstairs with one second left on the clock. Phew. Two vials of blood were taken from my left arm. I was told I'd have my results on Monday. And by last night our doctor already emailed me my results cuz he's that awesome! I passed! YAY!

Glucose O'Sullivan Screen

My results = 80
Normal = 40-139 mg/dL

OB HemoglobinMy results = 12.7gm/dL
Reference RangesGestational Hemoglobin level measured in gm/dL
First Trimester (Week 12) 11.0-13.4
Second Trimester (Week 20) 10.5-12.7
Third Trimester (Week 32) 11.0-13.2
From MMWR 1989;38(22):400-4

Up next: Breastfeeding class at St. Francis and me at 28 weeks!


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