Thursday, October 2, 2014

37 Weeks - GO TIME!

Just a short post! Went to the doctor today and he said, "See ya this weekend!" 
Me at 37 weeks!

It's our joke because he did that when I was pregnant with Jackson and sure enough... had him the weekend our doctor was on call.

Good news is last week my belly measured at 33 inches. This week it was 35 inches. So NO ultrasound. NO WORRIES. Baby's head is quite LOW. I'm getting cramps and TONS of pressure down there. SOOOO...could go early. Or could hang tight. Never know!

Up 40 pounds. YOWZA!

So yes, I'm freaking. I'm trying to get EVERY last minute thing done best I can. It's nuts. NUTS. And I have to give answers to daycare and I haven't had a chance AND my heart is breaking because my gma had a stroke. So that is THREE grandparents with strokes/brain bleeds. My thoughts are with her right now. I can't stop thinking of her!!!!!!

Praying SUPER DUPER HARD right now. Please pray with me!!!


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