Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two Weekends (in Review)

I LOVE SUMMER! I know I say that a lot. It's true!

We've had a LOT of family time lately. A lot! BUT the BEST NEWS OF ALL is Karl has started a NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even EXPRESS how HAPPY this makes me. NO more on-call. NO MORE weekends! No more LATE NIGHTS!!! Thank you, Lord. THANK YOU! I feel like I can breathe a little more!!! Only FIVE years of a NUTSO schedule. 
In Roscoe! Headed back to Minnesota!

In-between jobs, Karl and I took some time off and drove down to see my parents (Jackson was a CHAMP in the car!!! 5 hours down and about 8.5 on the way back. We both had to pee a lot!). We were planning on visiting my grandparents for a full day and night, but my grandpa hasn't been feeling the greatest. That made me super sad. I talked to him on the phone and he acted like he wanted nothing to do with seeing us. I get it though. Who wants visitors when you're feeling punk? I was a bit out of sorts after hanging up the phone with him, but tried to coach myself through the emotions. 
Karl LOVES Lego's. Yes, I said Karl. Can you tell? 

Eleanor and Jackson getting ready for a sweet bike ride!

All safe!

LOVE this lady!!!! Eleanor (just turned 3), Jenna and Jackson. GREAT PEOPLE!!!!! We spent a friend morning and afternoon together. Jenna always makes me SO HAPPY.

Papa and Jackson on a tractor ride!!!

Popsicle time on the deck with grandma!


Wait a second, this is mommy's water!!!!

Being silly!

At Kid's World in Roscoe! When I was little, I helped build this fun playground!!!

Picking up sticks after the storm!

Riding Great Grandpa Harry's COOL tractor

Great Grandpa Harry, Jackson and dad on a cart ride. Pretty good for an 87-year-old who has a brain bleed... We did get the news that it has stopped bleeding!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS!

Sweet hugs for Great Grandma Anne

Jackson LOVED visiting these two. They couldn't believe his energy. 

Climbing trees!

Instead of fast food, we stopped at a grocery store for dinner and picked up healthy eats!

Back home! Jackson getting adjusted! He crawls right up on the table like a champ.

Going for a bike ride!

Jackson met Stephy J! We went to Greece with Stephy and she flew in with my brother for the weekend. She works at John Deere and Jackson was able to watch COOL TRACTOR videos. He liked Stephy VERY much!

Kisses from Grandma!

Park fun!

Grocery shopping trip!

We were able to visit my brother Mike at his killer job at MillerCoors. All employees get to go to the private bar after 4 with the FRESHEST beer and they are invited to bring a few friends from the outside world (us). Can I say, SWEET!??! It was VERY hard not to drink, but it was fun to see my brother and Karl in all their glory. I kind of felt like I was back in college because we went on the Lakefront tour (THE BEST BEER TOUR EVER) AND hit up two bars after. I WAS TIRED the next day. I still managed to have fun, but not the greatest place to be when you're pregnant!
MillerCoors PRIVATE employee bar

We were also able to fit in a quick trip to see my college bestie, She-Dawg!!! That was SO wonderful!!!!!! I miss her so much! I was able to see her in action and play with her three AWESOME kids. She is SUCH a great mom and inspiration! 
Me, She-Dawg and Carter (6 months old)
On our way back home to Minnesota, I called my grandparents one more time. I was scared. Sometimes it's easier to avoid when you're not sure what you're going to get.... I knew my gpa was going in for a brain scan earlier that day to see how his brain bleed was doing. The doctor cancelled due to emergency surgery, but we decided to stop in anyway. SO GLAD we DID!!!!!!!!! I did cry with my gma on the phone because we talked about not knowing if this could be the last time or not. I tried to keep it together, but I'm hormonal and it makes me sad to think about life without my grandpa. BUT, Karl was adamant about going even if it was an extra 2 hours added to our commute home. This is why I love Karl. He follows his heart. He loves me.

Love to all of you!


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