Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Weekend Fun!

We love summer!

Here's a recap of our Memorial Weekend in photos. We had such a GREAT and FUN weekend! PERFECT weather. I think the pools are open now...that only means one thing: SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!! Have I mentioned that WE LOVE SUMMER??

Excavator in ACTION! 

Kicked off the long weekend with wagon stroll!

Ran around Lake Calhoun with Aunt Kelly! Then played at the parks! Jackson is excited to meet his cousin in December!!!!!

Major craving for SUN tea. I boiled first...yeah, yeah...defeats purpose but still gave it some sun!!!


While dad shopped for a weed whacker and water softener we tested out ALL the tractors. ALL OF THEM. TOTAL boy. TOTAL! 
More construction equipment! It's EVERYWHERE in Minnesota!

Walking up the steps with dad!
Lots of time at the park!

Like the tape on my jersey? I was helping mom pack:) 

Coming to kick the ball, mom!


Kept on running!

Ohhh! What's this?

Must touch everything!
Loved blowing on these!


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