Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan for Busy Family


As a busy mom, I have to meal plan to keep my family HEALTHY and to keep my head on straight. The two most important things, right?

I kept meaning to keep track of recipes to make life easier, but I wasn't sure how to get started. I finally figured it out this weekend once we made the decision to move. I was forced to purge and clean. I knew I needed to clean my giant recipe box, (exploding) with torn out magazine recipes.

Jackson (our toddler) and I spent over 2 hours going through every recipe and tossing the ones I knew I would never make and keeping the ones I knew I could make (under 20 minute) and then ones I knew I had made and we loved. Easy. Jackson dove through the papers and kicked them and slid on them over and over again, but at least I was able to go through them. Whatever works!

Now I have one single binder full of GO-TO recipes (mostly healthy and quick). The plan is to scan these in and make my own recipe book, but baby steps first. I'm just happy I'm semi-organized now. Why? It took me all but 5 minutes to figure out what I'm making for the week and write out a shopping list. BOOM.

Now, bear with me. This might not be HEALTHY HEALTHY, but as long as we're following the 80/20 rule in our house, mama is happy. (Eat really good 80 percent of the time.) AND the recipes MUST be easy. Even the unhealthiest recipe can be made healthy in some shape or form. This must be working because I have been able to get to pre-baby weight and then some, and continue to keep it off.

Anyway, ENJOY!

Lucky us! In-laws called us over for a SMOKED turkey dinner to celebrate my father-in-law's bday. No cooking for me!

Costco has these Organic spinach raviolis. Will be pouring spaghetti sauce over these, serve with fresh bread and salad.

Quinoa, Black bean and avocado salad (I add chicken and throw on top of a bunch of greens)

Beef Taco Skillet (Is this the most healthiest? No. Can I add a ton of veggies to make up for it? YES!)
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Grilled Flank Steak and Watercress Salad with White Beans

Beans and Greens Pasta (I will add Italian sausage to this)

Pizza (we always have pizza once a week. The secret is to either make our own or to order red sauce and TONS of VEGGIES. TONS)
My favorite night of the week. Pizza and beer:) :) :) 


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