Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Visiting Papa After Open-Heart Surgery

Great Trip Back Home

Karl and I decided to make a quick trip to Illinois to visit my dad. We waited a few weeks after his open- heart surgery so we wouldn't overwhelm him. He was in the hospital for 5 days. The craziest part was I talked to him on the phone 24 hours after his surgery!!!

I wasn't sure what to expect, but when I saw him, he looked like the guy I remember but skinnier and maybe a little jaundice. But he was also standing under a weird kitchen light and tearing apart chicken when we walked in. Only him!

Jackson nursing Papa back to health with his Prayer Shawl

For those of you wondering, my dad is on his second pacemaker. He passed out on our driveway during a HOT August summer day on my older brother's 21st bday (years ago) and this is when they found out his heart was in A-Fib and beats VERY slowly. Since then he's already gone through TWO pacemakers and was STILL VERY out of breath, even if it was walking up three steps. He's not skinny by any means but he's not fat either. So it was weird.

And he was ALWAYS TIRED. Napping shortly after getting up and then once again and again.

Welllll, doctors found a hole LARGER than a quarter in his heart AND discovered that his mitral valve was leaking. Hole is now closed, pig valve in place AND his heart is in rhythm. He claims that he noticed a difference in how he felt the second he came to. Every HOUR after surgery he felt better. The first thing I noticed was he wasn't breathing heavy when he talked. Usually he was gasping for air after every few words.

Isn't it crazy how someone can survive day to day with a large hole in their heart and a leaky valve??? The human body is SOOO amazing.

We wanted to get to their house earlier but Karl and I were running around and made ONE more walk-through on the beautiful house we've been eyeing up (the owners were probably so annoyed with us!). WE ended up getting the house last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE HOME OWNERS!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!
Papa made sure Sparkles the horse was all ready for Jackson. Heeee-Haww! (I used to ride this horse!!)

Having fun at Papa's

Someone found the winter clothing stash

Anyway, instead of leaving at night like we usually do and making the 5 hour trip while Jackson is sleeping, we left on Friday during the day. Uffdah. It was pretty stressful but we stopped a couple times and eventually MADE IT.

Jackson was so excited to see Papa and Grandma. He loves them so much. We planned on staying until Monday but a snow storm was brewing so we left Sunday night and that went really smooth, other than Jackson getting a terrible cold. Then Karl getting a fever the next day.
Loving up Papa and Gma

Being silly!

Anyway, feeling really blessed these days with GREAT FAMILY. Sure do love my parents and all they do for us and how much they LOVE US. Such a GREAT feeling. Truly the BEST gift you can give your children is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

It's the best feeling in the world to know I AM LOVED, Karl is LOVED and Jackson is VERY LOVED.


Congrats on the house! And, so happy about your Dad! xoxo

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