Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jackson James is 18 Months Old - 1.5 Years Old

18 Months and Counting!
We survived the 18-month check-up and with only one shot. We were three days too early so we couldn’t get the third shot for Hep A so instead Jackson only had to get the flu shot. Man, I don’t like those things! So now at his 2-year appointment, he’ll have to get a shot.
Hanging out in our wall unit

Height: 33 inches
Weight: 24.1 pounds
Head: 50%
Diapers: Still in Size 3 but wearing Size 4 at night because he was peeing the bed otherwise
Potty Training: This has begun but we’re just letting him lead the way. He knows when he is peeing and pooping and will tell us. When we get to the potty, he doesn’t always do these things. He knows what’s going on. So we’ll say he’s “sitting” for now.
In short, his doctor said he’s healthy, healthy, healthy. Tall and skinny. As long as I hear the word healthy, mama is happy.  

Jackson’s Likes:

1.   He is obsessed with watching “Wheels on the Bus” on HooplaKidz. He could watch the video over and over and over again. He’ll point and say “bu” (for bus) once the video ends and will keep saying it until the video starts again. AND he FINALLY sat through an entire episode of Baby Einstein’s On the Farm. He even fell asleep in Karl’s arms. This has happened…umm….never. But he also has a cold so nap time didn’t really exist this past weekend.
Snoozing with dad!

2.  He loves climbing up the rope ladders and chains and anything scary looking [to me] when we get to a park. Very daring boy.

3.   Still enjoys sticking most anything in his mouth. However, he knows what garbage is because when we get to a park he finds all the trash and throws it in the garbage can. Very impressed.

4.   He loves sweeping and helping. If something is out of place or there is a crumb on the floor, he’ll run up to it and say, “uh-oh” and run and get his broom. He will unload and load the washer and dryer. He’ll grab a towel if there are water droplets on the floor and wipe them up. He is good.

5.   He loves Pumpkins. He can spot them miles away.

6.   He loves singing. I catch him singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” a lot. Adorable. So sweet.

7.   Animals. We went to Karl’s grandparent’s farm and he scooped up whatever kitty he could get a hold of. He’d squeeze and hug them to pieces. It was so sweet to see.

8.   Pointing out trucks and any bigger vehicles on the road. His vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds and he has no problem saying, “bus”, “dump truck”, “mobile home”, “cement truck”.

9.   Still loves balls and throwing them. He also knows when dad is drinking “beer”.

10. Babies. (uh-oh)

11. He loves loves loves reading books. He has a few favorites – “Kittens are Like That”, “A Light in the Night”, “Cars”, “Colors”, “Pop-Up People”, “100 First Words”, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”, “Carl’s Birthday”, “Snuggle Puppy”

12. He loves playing the piano at Grandpa Jim’s and Grandma Judy’s.

13. Breakfast. He comes downstairs and climbs in his highchair. He is ready (just like me!) to EAT!

14. Turning the lights on and off in the house.

15. Sitting in my car and pretending to drive it. He’ll even grab the seat belt and try to put it on. I get in my car the next day and my wipers are going at warp speed and my air is on full blast. Fun.
Loves driving any vehicle. Varrooooom!

16. Locking my car via my keys and then closing the garage by pushing the button in our garage.

17. Still loving frozen blueberries, avocado and watermelon and peas and cottage cheese and pancakes. When he refuses these, I know he’s not feeling well.

18. Giving hugs. He hugs each of his stuffed animals and he’ll run up to my leg or Karl’s and squeeze. Best feeling hands down.
Loves Snoopy!

19. Being outside and running wild. This kid does not walk. Just runs.

Loves running outside! Here we're headed toward a raspberry bush

20. Sucking those first two fingers and stroking his pinkie. I’ve never quite seen anything like it.

Getting comfy with Gpa Jim and sucking those fingers

21. Graham crackers. Loves those things.

Jackson’s Dislikes:

1.   We’re working on the vacuum. He has no problem with smaller vacuums. It’s the bigger ones. We were told that at daycare he freaks out a lot and we need to bring out the vacuum more and tell him it’s loud but not scary. (I hate thinking of him crying at daycare and not being there to comfort him.)

2.   Seems like when he eats Sweet Potatoes he gags almost every time.

3.   When we have to wipe his nose.
No caption needed

4.   When we take something away.

5.   Not being able to do something on his own – getting overly frustrated.


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