Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekly Weights and Workouts - Week 5

Week of October 28

Height 5'10"
Weight 160 (still hanging on to the 160s...)

Me on a walk over my lunch break. The fresh air helps!!!

Dreaded lots of chocolate and candy Halloween week. The kick off to the holidays... Oh boy, oh boy. My trick: We don't buy bags of chocolate until the very last minute or if we do (I had Karl grab a few bags on Saturday), I put them out of sight.

Sunday - One hour training session with my personal trainer Josh. Now he's off to train in Chicago. Sad. He kicked my butt and I have a new workout to follow for the next six weeks. I AM SORE.

Monday - Kind of a recovery day. I stayed home with Jackson today and fit in a quick walk outside. It was maybe 15 minutes long. When I get more time in my day, I have to utilize even if I feel like I'm a huge sore knot!!!

Tuesday - I am still sore. 20 minute walk over my lunch break and a 35 minute lift at Life Time.

Wednesday - Happy Halloween! 15 minute walk over my lunch break.

Thursday - None

Friday - None

Saturday - Nice long 45 minute walk with Jackson. We bundled up! Cold out there. Afterwards we headed to a free beer tasting at our favorite liquor store - Marketplace Liquor. Hey, beer has good grains in it! Dad was away hunting, so mom and Jackson had fun!!!

An awesome beer tasting (don't worry...only had a few sips). All in moderation!


ha, I love that picture. We've taken Aubrey to so many breweries. Keep up the good work!

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