Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Shower #4 - Month 8

34 weeks

Baby Shower with my Minnesota Besties

I have some really amazing friends and I was able to celebrate with a lot of them yesterday. I keep thinking about how I moved to Minnesota ten years ago and I really didn't know a lot of people at all. But somehow I was able to make and meet such wonderful people...all because I made a big decision (all on my own), totally stepped out of my comfort zone and took a huge leap of faith. Really great things came from that choice to move to Minnesota. I feel so fortunate and blessed.
Connie, me, Hoover and Kimbra

My friends Kimbra and Angela wanted to throw me a baby shower, and boy...did they throw a pretty awesome shower. I felt like all the decorations needed to be in a magazine or something. They did such a great job putting the whole thing together!
The room set up all cute!

The shower was held at Transfiguration Lutheran Church - my church! And each table had a different centerpiece and pictures of both me and Karl when we were babies. Plus there were a bunch of envelopes on the table too with some dates on them.

This was for everyone to write some words of wisdom to us as we wait for baby! I can't WAIT to open these on the days it says we can!!! Some are specific to Karl and some are specific to me!!!

Kimbra is an AMAZING baker and she whipped up the COOLEST cake ever. I have NO idea how she got the pink and blue on the inside of the cake, but all I know is it was GOOD. And she made these awesome cake pops that were to die for! Seriously, I could've eaten all of them!
I love the little wooden blocks! Christie's Baby Shower!! Awwww!
How adorable is this cake??? Yes, it was as good as it looks!

I'm in LOVE with these cake pops. They had chocolate fudge something in them.
Kimbra cutting up the cake! Yummmy!

Kimbra and Hoover introduced themselves and had everyone say their name, how they knew me and a favorite childhood memory! That was fun to hear some of the stories. was time for games!!! The first one was the poopy diaper game. Kimbra and Hoover smashed different chocolate bars in the diapers and we had to smell them and guess which candy. That was pretty fun! He, he! Looks delicious!
Poopy diaper game!

The next game Kimbra and Hoover brought out their gift, which was a basket loaded with items both Karl and I will need for baby. We had to guess how much each item cost and the total bill. I think it ended up being around $48! Baby is going to be expensive!!!

Soon I was opening gifts. Jeesh. There were so many cool ones!! Feeling really lucky and blessed these days!

As I was opening gifts, Karl came (he was cutting up deer meat)! And afterwards we had some time to talk to everyone. I wish there could have been more one-on-one time, but there's always so much commotion going on! I really do have the coolest friends. They're so down to earth and fun and REAL!!! Love that.
Baby "bumpin" with Amy Fuhry!! Due within weeks of each other!
the TINKS and Kim. Yes, they are playing volleyball with my belly! HA!
I can't believe I once coached these fabulous young ladies! They are all going places!!

What a super fun day! After, I went to dinner with Connie, Hoover and Kimbra and it felt so good to catch up on life and have some girl times. Girlfriends are forever! I couldn't have asked for a greater group of friends.

Huge thanks to Hoover and Kimbra for making me feel so special and for throwing such a great shower!!! Love you ladies!!!

Just five more weeks to go!!!


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