Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jeans Don't Fit No More No More No More No More - Month 3

written Sunday, September 25, 2011
week 10

Thursday was a monumental day for me. Monday through Thursday I have to wear nice pants to work and then on Fridays I'm finally allowed to wear jeans. Now...not all people in the company follow this rule as most employees wear jeans and sweatshirts Monday through Friday and I'm wondering when I can start wearing my Yoga pants all day every day since I'm not so sure this pants rule is really enforced. Anyway, I was able to slip on my size 6 long black pants from New York and Company just fine on Thursday but by the time I got to work I realized my waistband was cutting off my circulation and I was miserable. I did the unthinkable and unbuttoned my pants and walked around like that the rest of the day. Hey, nobody knew and I sure felt a whole lot better.

Then Friday came. I pulled on my favorite Express Jeans...all $85 of them. They were cutting off my circulation even before I pulled them over my thighs. I think I felt a tear spring to my eye because I know how hard I worked to get into those jeans, but I quickly peeled them off and blamed the dryer. I dug around and found a pair of jeans I hadn't worn for at least a year and slipped those on. They were always my "bigger" jeans. I could barely button them. At least my thighs could breathe though. So I took a hairband and looped in through the button hole and spent my day wondering how much longer I was going to avoid buying maternity clothes?

So yes, soon I'm going to have to take a trip and buy some newer pants or better bands or something. Month four is creeping up so quickly and once that hits, there's not stopping the growing belly. I now get why this all takes nine months. Moms need to mentally adjust and baby needs to grow into this little healthy miracle. This is all just so crazy!!!

Any suggestions for cute maternity clothes?


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