Monday, July 25, 2011

Thirsty? Two of my favorite cocktails of the month

Summer is hot and it's time to cool off
I couldn't only pick wine this month. I know... What can I say, summer has been HOT (at least the past couple of weeks) and I have two favorite drinks of choice for the month of July. See below.

Moosehead Light Lime and Riesling
Last month I was craving red wine. This month I'm totally digging white. The reason I like Great Loop Mosel Riesling is it's not as sweet as your usual Riesling. It actually has a little bit of a sour (probably the wrong word) aftertaste, which I love. The wine distributor said it's because the wine was made with 30 percent of the grapes past harvest (meaning some of them had mold on them and looked ugly) but the juice is special. Yes it is!! Go on out and by yourself a bottle. We got ours at Marketplace Liquors in Savage where there is FREE wine tasting every Friday and Saturday (yeah!).

Also one of my new wino friends and favorite 'pourer' at Marketplace told me about this amazing wine guide and now I'm telling you. A must buy for all you tasters and wine lovers out there - De Long's Wine Tasting Notebook.

My second favorite beverage right now is Moosehead with lots of limes. I have always been a fan of Miller Chill, until they made it all light and similar to Bud Light Lime. Moosehead is different and tastes exceptionally well in a frosty mug. So go out and by yourself some of that too!!!

Enjoy! What are you drinking this summer?


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