Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dexter Has Taken Over My Life

Earlier this summer my husband Karl asked me if I wanted to start watching a new show. We were both sad our favorite show LOST was over for good. No more smoke monsters, Dharma Initiative and confusion for us. Part of me was okay to let go of LOST. After all, this meant I had more free time to write! And I did spend the summer writing, a lot. I finished my manuscript!

But then Karl brought up Dexter again a couple weeks ago. "Just one episode," he insisted, "if we don't like it, we won't ever have to watch it again."

Little did I know I would become partially obsessed. Dexter is in my dreams at night. I can't seem to let the  concept of the show settle in my head on its own. I need answers now. I want to know Dexter. Sometimes I hear his voice throughout the day. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I'd like a show about a serial killer who kills bad people, and has no remorse or emotion. Anyone who knows me, knows I love feelings!!! Dexter is different. I mean, a killer who chops up the bad people in this world is still doing bad, but the show is a twisted kind of good. He's taking out the trash. But I bet God wouldn't like this... I know, I know, the show is fiction, but still it is BRILLIANT.  I think I'm drawn to the characters the most. Each one fits their role perfectly. I can't find one who bothers me.

We finished up season one on Monday night. Our bedtime is early and we stayed up close to midnight just to finish. The ice truck killer had our heads spinning!

If I were you, I'd head to your local video store and pick up Season One of Dexter. And then message me because I want to know if I'm the only one who is this crazy about the show. I'm going to warn you, it's addicting... I hear the books are even better. Oh, dear - I'm in trouble!

Have you seen Dexter? What do you think?


Dexter is one of my absolute faves! In fact, I just blogged about my top bad guys who do good and Dexter rounded out the list. Every season is better than the last. In fact, I just ordered Showtime for the new season because I couldn't wait another year to catch up with Dexter. So, you are not alone in your obsession!

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