Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Writing, rewriting and writing again…

Here I am again…writing, writing, writing. And boy, do I love it! I just wish there was more time in the day! How do writers do it with full-time jobs and kids?

So I took the advice my famous writing-assistant friend gave me, and pretty much chopped up my first synopsis – and to think I was so proud of my first attempt! But my friend’s suggestions made sense to me, plus he’s in the business for that very reason! After revising the synopsis for an entire week and two days, I now LOVE it. I think this storyline will make writing my book a whole lot easier. To me, it seems to flow a lot better and there are lot more characters, dialogue, current events/technology, action, suspense and ROMANCE!!!! I had a five-page synopsis and now I have a nine-page summary! I’m kind of impressed. This is going to help me start my outline and THEN I’ll have to start over at chapter one again! The question: how fast can I write 33 chapters? Will I find time every day to write?

I decided when I was on a walk with my husband, Karl, a couple weeks ago that I’m definitely not a person who does things just to get them done, especially the things that really matter to me. I see people who have the same routine every single day and refuse to change their ways. If only they would take a risk or chance, growth could happen! They don’t even know what they are missing! Instead nothing ever changes. I know I can’t be in that type of environment for long.

Before, my dream was to write a book and get published. Now, it’s to write a REALLY good book that I’m totally excited about and become someone. I know I am already somebody, but I recently read a short story by Mark Twain that made me think twice. I put together a newsletter four times a year for a small engineering company in New Ulm and this was in one of the articles. The story reads:

Mark Twain once described a man who died and met Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates. Knowing that Saint Peter was very wise, the man asked a question that he had wondered about throughout his life. He said “Saint Peter, I have been interested in military history for many years. Who was the greatest general of all time?”

Saint Peter quickly responded, “Oh that’s a simple question. It’s that man right over there.”

“You must be mistaken,” the man, now very perplexed. “I knew that man on earth, and was just a common laborer.”

“That’s right my friend,” assured Saint Peter. “He would have been the greatest general of all time, if he had been a general.”

EXACTLY! How will I ever know if I don’t try? I don’t want to look back and wish or regret – I want to be proud because I tried!

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Hi, Christie! I like your website. I thought I'd better follow your blog so I'll know when and where your book signing will be. It sounds like things are starting to fall into place. As usual, time is the issue. I'm imagining I'm not as busy or outgoing as you - sort of an introvert that doesn't let work get in the way of living - so I'm able to dedicate more time to writing. I've committed to writing 5k words a week. I'm just shy of 50k total right now. Before I started, I told my wife I'm writing a book this summer. I'm hoping to have the 1st draft done by the end of July.

Good luck!


Thanks Lyle!!! Things are SLOWLY starting to fall into place. What a challenge! Waking up at 4 a.m. kind of kicked my butt today. Not so sure about that anymore!

Good luck to you! What are you writing about? Do you have a website or blog?

Hey, Christie! Not so sure about 4 a.m. Much too early for me. I'm up at 6 on the weekends. I think I do my best writing at that time. I'm writing an historical fiction novel loosely based on my mom's aunt during the early part of the 1900's. No blog or website. Thought I'd take care of that after I finish the 1st draft.

If you're interested, there are a couple of sites where you can post your writings and receive reviews. One is and the other is ($48 a yr). It's an opportunity to receive input from others and to read the work of other writers.

Wait a second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you Lyle from my writing class!?!??!?!

I feel like such a doof if you are. I remember this story line. Now I need to go back and read the stories everyone turned in... HI LYLE!!!

Hey, Christie! No worries. You know alot of people and I probably should have mentioned the class in my post since it's been nearly two months already.

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